Editorial note: This article was originally published on November 4, 2021.

There’s nothing like feeling the warmth of the sun and the sea everywhere, and if you’re going to Mexico, there are some great clothing optional resorts to check out. (Of course, it goes without saying that you need to be careful not to get sand in your more sensitive areas!)

You don’t have to be a seasoned nudist to enjoy a vacation in the buff. People who wouldn’t consider themselves nudists will strip down if circumstances and their comfort level permit. Sometimes being on vacation with friends who are nudists might inspire you to open up a bit — or a lot, depending on your comfort level and point of view.

Fair warning- if you’re going to visit a resort that holds itself out as ‘clothing optional,’ whether in Mexico or elsewhere, there’s a very good chance that “extracurricular” activities will also be taking place. You don’t have to partake, but other guests surely will so be prepared. These types of resorts are definitely not for the faint of heart — or for the judgmental — so leave all your inhibitions and your worries behind.

Here are 7 great clothing-optional resorts in Mexico.

1. Desire Resort

Photo by Vladimir Yelizarov

This all-inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya is for couples only, so if you want to go beyond just being nude, you certainly can.

Enjoy the swimming pools, themed parties and gourmet restaurants, offering exotic cocktails, and various kinds of cuisine.

Take a break from the sun under one of the beach cabanas and when night falls, engage in some raunchy fun in the adult playroom.


2. Hidden Beach Au Naturel Resort

Photo by Jefferson Gomes

Hidden Beach Resort is conveniently an hour’s drive away from Cancun, where you can enjoy more activities.

There’s a large nude beach, where you are encouraged to “go as bare as you dare, at an adult’s only paradise.”

No need to worry about tan lines here, just an increased chance of sunburn, so pack accordingly.




3. Temptation Resort

Photo Courtesy of Temptation

The name doesn’t leave much room for ambiguity.

Located in Cancun, Temptation Resort is ideal for singles and couples alike, fitted with three swimming pools and seven Jacuzzis. People are known to get naked here and on the beach.

The entertainment can be risqué, but best to save the X-rated activity for your private suite.



4. Azulik

Photo Courtesy of Azulik

This eco-friendly resort is located in Tulum, with no air conditioning, televisions or electric lights. It’s also noted for being LGBT+ friendly and features a clothing optional beach.

Guests who come here seek to be rejuvenated by nature. The complex was built using local materials, and is arranged in such a way that water can flow through it.

There are four restaurants with a rotating menu of delicacies and the Maya Spa, right by the ocean.

5. Intima Resort

Photo by Jessica Felicio

You are enthusiastically encouraged by this resort in Tulum to “be who you want to be.”

It’s close to the town center, and you won’t even know the complex is walled for privacy because of just how extensive the lush vegetation is. All the trees and plants surround a free form swimming pool.

This resort actually allows guests to be nude anywhere on its premises, though most people tend to be dressed for meals.



6. Playa Sonrisa Hotel

Photo by Maii Fallara


This unpretentious, but lovely hotel in Xcalak offers beachfront suites and a few villas for groups that require more space. It’s for adults only.

Guests are encouraged to venture into the sea and do activities that are typically done clothed like kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling.

You might also want to check out the Mayan ruins or go biking, but these of course are to be done with clothes on.

The hotel hosts “Nekkid” Bocce tournaments.




7. Cabo Cottage

Photo Courtesy of Trip Wix

Are you looking for a slice of paradise to call your own, without the fuss of having to go through a check- in process? Consider renting this adorable, “country-chic” cottage in Cabo.

No need to share facilities here; every inch of the property is for you and your group to enjoy. And yes, you can use them all nude if you’d like.

There are three bedrooms plus a sleeper sofa, allowing for 7-8 guests. You have your own swimming pool, but there’s also a communal pool and beach resort beyond (you’ll need to be clothed to use them).