The cuisines of Africa are so diverse and tell a rich story of culture using distinctive spices from the continent’s various regions. Locally-grown fruits, grains, and vegetables are often used to make up their hearty dishes.

The African diet also features an abundance of meaty dishes but there are also lots of vegetarian-friendly options as well. Each region (Central Africa, East Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, and West Africa) has a unique flavor and various preparation techniques.

For example, West African foods have a lot of spice while Southern African food focuses on grilling meats with minimal spice.

If you’ve yet to take a trip to the Motherland, or just craving African food, here are 50 African restaurants you can try across America.


Ghion Hall Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine – Birmingham, Alabama

Ghion is the first Ethiopian restaurant in Alabama. They offer a wide array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The owner, Amanshwa makes sure diners get a true Ethiopian dining experience.


Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restuarant – Anchorage, Alaska

This Ethiopian restaurant serves a taste of East Africa with family-style menu options. Their injera is perfectly made to scoop up meaty stews. There are also lots of vegetarian/vegan options.


Jollof King – Tempe, Arizona

This Ghanaian restaurant incorporates a few touches from Nigeria. Try stews, soups and jollof rice to get the flavor of West Africa.


Kontiki African Restaurant – Little Rock, Arkansas

The owners of Kontiki are from Sierra Leone and one of the first to introduce African cuisine to Arkansas. Be sure to try their rice Akara, fried plantains, and meat dishes.


Aduke African Cuisine – Los Angeles, California

Aduke serves up Nigerian dishes to the foodies of LA. The red yam and snail stew is a must.


African Grill and Bar – Lakewood, Colorado

Although the owners are Ghanaian, they offer dishes from all over the African continent. They even have sample plates for diners who are new to African food. The plantain fufu is a great comfort food option.


Sidibe Restaurant – Hartford, Connecticut

Sidibe offers authentic dishes from Ghana. The portions are generous and their ginger drink is refreshing. If you want a quick bite, try the meat pie.


African Fusion Restaurant – Dover, Delaware

This Nigerian spot is ideal for both eating in or taking out. BEt sure to try their Egusi stew with meat or goat soup.


Sheri Restaurant – Miami Gardens, Florida

Try Southern Nigerian foods with gluten-free and dairy-free options. Everything is made from scratch and there are no artificial ingredients used in their dishes.


10 Degrees South – Atlanta, Georgia

Opened in 1998, 10 Degrees is the first South African Restaurant in the U.S. The restaurant features the decor, lifestyle, and food of South Africa. Be sure to try their Peri-Peri chicken for a true taste of South Africa.


Ethiopian Love Restaurant – Honolulu, Hawaii

Voted Honolulu’s Best Ethiopian Restaurant, Ethiopian Love prides itself on serving the most authentic experience. Try their coffee ceremony and immerse yourself in Ethiopian culture while in Hawaii.


Kibrom’s Restuarant – Boise, Idaho

Kibrom’s serves cuisine from Ethiopia and Eritrea. They even offer gluten-free injera (Ethiopian and Eritrean bread) and vegan options.


Yassa African Restaurant – Chicago, Illinois

This Senegalese restaurant has been open since 2004 and is the first Senegalese restaurant in Chicago. Their Yassa chicken is a great choice if you’ve never had food from Senegal.


Madina Restaurant – Indianapolis, Indiana

Madina is a Guinean restaurant giving Indiana a new taste of West African food. For a true taste of Guinean cuisine, try the cassava leaves stew.


Taste of Africa – Des Moine, Iowa

Taste of Africa features dishes from Somalia and East Africa. The portions are huge and they serve dishes such as chicken curry, tandoori meats, and sambusas/samosas.


Taste of Africa – Overland Park, Kansas

This restaurant serves East African food in Overland Park, Kansas. Dishes to try, include their beef stir fly, chicken stew and goat pilau.


Funmi’s Cafe – Louisville, Kentucky

Funmi’s Cafe is a modern take on Nigerian cuisine. Try their beef and chicken suya and there are plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians!


Benna’chin Restaurant – New Orleans, Louisiana

Benna’chin serves dishes from the Gambia and Cameroon and has been in business since 1992. Try their specialties, Nyeaturing (fish pie) and Kone ni Makendo (black beans, plantains, and rice).


Asmara Restaurant – Portland, Maine

Asmara serves Ethiopian food in a communal style on injera bread. Choose from keyi (spicy) foods or alit’cha (milder foods).


Swahili Village Bar & Grill – Beltsville, Maryland

Get a taste of Kenya at Swahili Village. Start off with samosas then try the nyama choma (char-grilled beef with authentic Swahili spices).


Suya Joint – Roxbury, Massachusetts

Get the best Nigerian food in town at Suya Joint. Try their beef suya or jollof rice.


Maty’s African Cuisine – Detroit, Michigan

Maty’s is the only Senegalese restaurant in Detroit. They specialize in grilled meats. Their lamb shank and fish are a must.


Bolé Ethiopian Restaurant – St. Paul, Minnesota

This Minnesota restaurant was named after a neighborhood in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where the owners were born and raised. They pride themselves on serving only the most authentic dishes from Ethiopia.


Sankofa Kitchen of Jackson – Jackson, Mississippi

Sankofa serves Caribbean, African and bakery food in Jackson, Mississipi. For a taste of Africa, try their Yassa chicken.


Int’l Vibe – Northmoor, Missouri

Int’l Vibe serves African dishes such as dry rice with red snapper, fufu, and pepper soup, and kebab plates.


Saibeen’s Kitchen – Great Falls, Montana

Saibeen’s serves authentic East African cuisine. They offer combo plates and vegetarian/vegan options.


Chaima’s African Cuisine – Omaha, Nebraska

This West African restaurant serves home-style cooking and is 100% halal. The rice and pumpkin seeds and spinach stew with chicken is a great choice when dining here.


Chiamaka Food – Las Vegas, Nevada

Chiamaka is an authentic Nigerian restaurant serving the people of Las Vegas. Try their pounded yam with stewed meat.

New Hampshire

Fharah – Hudson, New Hampshire

Located in Hudson, New Hampshire, Fharah is inspired by the flavors of Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Benin, Zambia, Togo, and Senegal. They serve a variety of meat and vegetable dishes.

New Jersey

Abuja International Restaurant – Union, NJ

The cuisine here reflect traditions from North, East, and West Africa. Their assorted meat stew is sure to hit the spot.

New Mexico

Jambo Cafe – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Jambo Cafe has been named Best International Cuisine by the Santa Fe Reporter for ten years straight. This restaurant serves up authentic Kenyan food such as Lamu coconut Pili Pili shrimp.

New York

Kaia Wine Bar – New York, NY

Kaia is a South African wine bar and restaurant with an impeccable brunch. Try the biltong hash and rooibos tea.

North Carolina

Swahili Grill – Raleigh, North Carolina

Swahili Grill is located in the heart of Raleigh, serving up East African cuisine. Try the chicken choma or Mombasa style tilapia.

North Dakota

Rugsan East African Cuisine – Fargo, North Dakota

Rugsan is a favorite for East African food in North Dakota. Try their goat meat with rice and spinach for a hearty and tasty meal.


Drelyse African Restaurant – Colombus, Ohio

Drelyse specializes in authentic African dishes with a concentration in Ghanaian dishes. Their grilled tilapia is a must and is served smoking-hot.


CousCous Cafe – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Head to CousCous Cafe for a taste of Morrocan food. Try tagine, a traditional slow-cooked stew braised at low temperatures.


Akadi – Portland, Oregon

Akadi serves authentic West African cuisine in Portland. The Jollof combination plate and tofu pepper pot are amongst the delicious choices of Akadi.


African Small Pot – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The master chef at African Small Pot has over 40 years of experience in food preparation and serves up West African dishes to hungry diners. If you’re craving something meaty, try the dibi (grilled lamb).

Rhode Island

Kebbeh African Restaurant – Providence, Rhode Island

Kebbeh serves Liberian and Nigerian food and is located in Providence, Rhode Island. Popular dishes include plantains, cassava leaf, and palm butter curries.

South Carolina

Asanka Kitchen – Colombia, South Carolina

This restaurant serves up a variety of dishes from the African continent. You can do custom orders and there are vegan options as well.

South Dakota

Banadir Kitchen – Aberdeen, South Dakota

Banadir is an East African restaurant in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Be sure to try their hilib ari (goat meat) or digaag (chicken).


Gojo Ethiopian Cafe – Nashville, Tennessee

Enjoy delicious Ethiopian food at Gojo. Try the vegetarian combo or meat and veggie combo.


African Village Restaurant – Irving, Texas

Opening in 2002, the African Village restaurant provides options from all four regions in Africa.


African Restaurant – Salt Lake City, Utah

All of the dishes here are served on East African flatbread called budenaa. They serve family-style dishes and you’re expected to eat with your hands.


Little Morocco Cafe – Burlington, Vermont

This restaurant brings traditional and authentic Moroccan taste to Vermont using locally sourced organic ingredients.


Rahama Restaurant – Alexandria, Virginia

This family-owned restaurant serves up Ghanaian dishes. Try their boiled yam with sauce or tilapia and fufu.


Safari Njema Restaurant – Seattle, Washington

This East African restaurant serves up Kenyan cuisine. The fried tilapia with curry is a must.

West Virginia

Africana Cherith Restaurant – Morgantown, West Virginia

For just $10, you can enjoy a lunch buffet at Africana Cherith Restaurant featuring foods such as lamb curry, fried rice, and puff puff.


African Hut Restaurant – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

African Hut serves dishes from West Africa in a homely environment. The stewed Okra-Liberian style is an amazing choice when dining here.


Unfortunately, there aren’t any African restaurants in Wyoming. If you live there, the closest place for African cuisine would be Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine in Collins, Colorado.

Washington, D.C.

Keren Restaurant – North West D.C.

D.C. has so many African restaurants to choose from. Our absolute favorite is Keren Restuarant on Florida Avenue in North West D.C. Their Ethiopian dishes are amazing.