5 Of The Best African Restaurants In Philadelphia
Photo Credit: Picha

Photo Credit: Picha

5 Of The Best African Restaurants In Philadelphia

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Mar 2, 2022

Visiting Philly and craving a taste of the motherland in the City of Brotherly Love? Not to worry; Philadelphia is home to many African restaurants representing various cuisines native to the continent. Authentic, flavorful dishes await, prepared by skilled cooks hailing from countries like Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Morocco. Whether you desire North, West, or East African food, the city has something for you. Here are five of the best African restaurants in Philadelphia.

1. Kilimandjaro

best african restaurants in philadelphia
Evgenii Zotov

Kilimandjaro offers authentic Senegalese cuisine that keeps locals and visitors alike coming back for more. Patrons can’t help but to fall in love with their juicy, tender lamb dishes, as well as their thieboudienne, or rice and fish, which happens to be the national dish of Senegal.

2. Abyssinia

best african restaurants in philadelphia
Imani Manyara

This eatery offers guests a taste of Ethiopia in Philly’s Spruce Hill neighborhood. It’s menu contains flavorful meat dishes, as well as plenty of delicious vegan and vegetarian options. The restaurant is also said to have a very cool bar upstairs.

3. Wazubi

best african restaurants in philadelphia
Sergio Amiti

If you’re looking for amazing Nigerian food, Wazubi, located just outside of Philly, in Collingdale, is the place to go. Customers rave about their jollof rice, a West African staple. With large portions and an extensive menu, you will undoubtedly end up full and satisfied.

4. Marrakesh

best african restaurants in philadelphia
Taryn Elliot

In the mood for some North African fare? Head to Marrakesh, located in Society Hill. Be sure to bring your appetite and a few friends, because, in true Moroccan fashion, the courses are numerous and filling, ideal for groups.

5. Emma's Liberian Kitchen

best african restaurants in philadelphia

Southwest Philly is home to Emma’s, where you’ll find delectable Liberian food that doesn’t skimp on the portions nor the quality. Expect affordable prices and plenty of spice. The restaurant even has its own pepper sauce you can purchase for your home cooking.

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