5 Of The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots In Charlotte, NC
Photo Credit: Courtesy of @brokeandabroadlife. Mural at Camp North End

Photo Credit: Courtesy of @brokeandabroadlife. Mural at Camp North End

5 Of The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots In Charlotte, NC

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jan 14, 2020

If you’re anything like us, then you live for photo-worthy spots in any city that you’re visiting. Whether they’re for the ‘Gram or simply a fun way to remember your trip, getting greats shots in Charlotte is very easy to do.

Next time you’re in the Queen City, make sure you scope out these 5 places for your content needs.

(1) Camp North End

Address: 1824 Statesville Ave.

This is by far the go-to place for creatives around the city. On any given weekend, you’ll find multiple photoshoots happening around this complex. From colorful murals and abandoned train tracks to old warehouses and an amazing skyline view, you’re guaranteed to get “the shot” here.

(2) Optimist Hall

Address: 1115 N. Brevard St.

Charlotte’s first official food hall also doubles as a photographer’s dream. The cozy sitting areas with sprinkles of greenery and the outdoor patio make for some pretty dope photos. You’ll also be drawn to the large, colorful mural next to the bathrooms.

(3) Merchant & Trade

Address: 303 S. Church St.

You’ll want to get super fly for this one. This rooftop bar has one of the best views of the city and comes alive at night. While they’re open all year round, the best time to go is during the summer when the fireworks go off after the baseball games. Talk about a fire photo!

(4) Southend Heart Wall

Address: 101 W. Worthington Ave. #150

This adorable mural was created for Jeni’s Ice Cream but has quickly become one of the most photographed places around Charlotte. Grab your friends, kids, or take it on by yourself. Either way, the photos are too cute to pass up.

(5) Bossy Mural

Address: 2200 Freedom Dr.

This is actually one of the newest murals to be painted in the area. Located on the side of newly opened Bossy Beulah’s Chicken Shack, this wall is definitely making a statement for 2020 and beyond.

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