$400-A-Night Times Square NYC Hotel Rooms To Be Used As Migrant Shelter
Photo Credit: ahundt

Photo Credit: ahundt

$400-A-Night Times Square NYC Hotel Rooms To Be Used As Migrant Shelter

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Oct 18, 2022

New York’s latest migrant shelter will take the shape of midtown Manhattan hotel, Row NYC. The decision was announced on Wednesday by Mayor Eric Adams.

Row NYC, a swanky four-star hotel in Times Square is said to initially home 200 migrant families. The hotel is being turned into the city’s latest “humanitarian relief center” as the influx of asylum seekers increases.

Patch reports that at least 18, 600 asylum seekers largely from South America, arrived in NYC in recent months. The migrant influx comes as many arrive from Texas and require more emergency shelter. According to Adams, the city’s shelter system is at its limit and could potentially cost the city $1 billion next year.

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What we know:

The announcement for the emergency shelter in Row NYC came after Adams declared the migrant crisis as an emergency.

A planned city tent in The Bronx was flooded which added additional pressure. The tent relief center was slated to open on Randall’s island.

A statement from Eric Adams:

“Our team will continue to work with these families and assess if they want to actually stay in New York City and, if not, help them get to their desired destinations,” expressed Adams in his statement. He also went on to explain that 5,500 migrant kids have already been enrolled in NYC public schools.

Due to the rising demand, the plans went ahead with Row NYC. Allegedly, Adams is in conversation to negotiate housing for incoming migrants on a cruise ship.

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