For your 2022 headshots, why not try something different? Book one of these 25 Black women and non-binary photographers to take your headshot. Give up the boring white background and show your realness through these artistic beings.

Travel to your shoot. Or, find one that’s close to home. Some of the photographers on this listicle even work with hair, make-up, and wardrobe professionals to make your headshots flawless.


Note: This list was heavily inspired by @blackwomenphotographers on Instagram. Be sure to ooh and ahh over their curated images of Black female photographers, like we did.

Why not have one of your favorite photographers handle your photoshoot? They are all open for bookings, and their contact info is readily available. Let loose and have fun with your headshots this year. with any of these 25 Black women and non-binary Instagram photographers.

1. RoGina Montgomery


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RoGina Montgomery’s bio states,
“Between assignments, you’ll find me on Instagram, trying something new, practicing self-portraits or drinking coffee in one of my favorite (collectible) mugs.”

The homey feel of her lifestyle and portrait photography makes us feel comfortable before we’ve even had a chance to sit with her. Her IG handle is @roginamontgomery.

Chat with Montgomery about your headshots through her website.

2. Kambua Chema


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Kambua Chema’s bio shot on her website says it all. She is a social and cheery soul, who “Over 20 years ago… picked up a film camera and never looked back. I have always been drawn to people which has made work as a headshot, portrait, and travel photographer very fulfilling.”

Kambua is on Instagram under @kambuaphoto.

3. Osato

Photography by Osato looks like it came out of Vogue. Oh wait, she WAS in Vogue! This Toronto photographer, is known as @osatoerebor on Instagram. You can contact Osato for bookings right through her website.

4. Daniella Almona


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Daniella Almona is an ATL photographer who illuminates people’s expressions through her photography. You can find her on Instagram at @daniellaalmona.

Contact Daniella via her website.


5. Nece Manning

Sleek and well thought out, Nece Manning’s photography sessions are out of Houston, Texas.

Shoot her a DM on her IG ( for bookings and inquiries.

6. LarJ Tide

LarJ Tide’s dream client is someone who “will allow me the honor of capturing his/her personality.” Based in Connecticut, quite a few of her clients travel to her location for their shoot. Book yours through LarJ’s website.

Check her Instagram out, too. Her handle is @photographybylarj.

7. Leslie Andrews


Just a tinge more on the traditional side of headshots, since she sometimes shoots against solid backgrounds, Leslie Andrews gives face with her imagery. Every, single shot she has on her Instagram page, @leslieandrewsphoto, is mint!

Email Leslie ( for rates and bookings.

8. Abby Arias


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Abby Arias’ photography has a soft and magical feel, sometimes. Other times it is undaunted and fierce. See Arias’ style switch up on Instagram at @arosita_.

Book Arias straight through her website.

9. Bri Booth

Bri Booth’s imagery is sultry and bold. Her images give a painted feel and her Instagram, @boothphotography2019 can keep you scrolling for hours.

Email Bri to work with her.

10. Bee Trofort-Wilson


A Black female sports photographer in the Atlanta area, Bee Trofort-Wilson is, “on a journey to motivate and inspire others through imagery and storytelling, showing that strong is beautiful in all forms, not only physical but mental as well.” You can find Bee on Instagram at @bee_alyssatrofort.

Book with her through her website.

11. Brandi Ali

Brandi Ali’s photo, “sessions are simple and full of connection.” Her imagery reminds one of summers in the South. Which makes sense because she loves shooting in the fields around Houston, Texas. Find her on Instagram at @brandialiphotography.

Or, book her directly through her website.

12. Melissa Alexander


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A post shared by Melissa Alexander (@phyllis.iller)

Melissa Alexander’s images speak to you, showing the most comfortable people who are simply exuding love. Find her on Instagram at @phyllis.iller.

Book your headshot right on her website.

13. Sade Fasanya

Sade Fasanya works with both digital and film photography. As an photographer, her, “goal isn’t to create the perfect image. I aim to create images that tell a story, images that stir something in the viewer, images that allow my muse to see the beauty in the subtle details of their being that they may have never paid attention to.”

Find Sade on Instagram at @visualsbysade.

Drop her a note through the contact form on her website. She’d love to work with you!

14. DeLovie Kwagala


DeLovie Kwagala uses their photography as a way of Exploring Identity, Belonging & Gender Sexuality.”  Find this Ugandan artist on Instagram under @deloviephotography.

Or, book with DeLovie via email.

15. Jada Imani M


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I imagine a shoot with Jada Imani M would be pretty exciting. Set in the DMV, her shots show long legs with big style. Find her on Instagram at @jadaimanim.

Work with her by contacting her through her website.

16. Rochelle Brock

This size-inclusive photographer gives off a vintage feel in her images. Find her on Instagram at @rochellefatleopard.

Book with her through her website. She’s in NYC and makes you want to take another trip there just to sit with her for a few hours. Her work is addictive!

17. Tyler Ki-Re


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Using rock climbing as a way to create interesting poses, @tylerkire has a great eye and gives great angles. Her latest collection, CRUX COUTURE is dark and colorful.

Ki-Re is in Albany and NYC. Contact her via email to work with her.

18. Michèle Bygodt


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A post shared by Michèle Bygodt (@me_sh_ele)

Michèle Bygodt uses positioning and shadows to make her images pop. Color or black and white, her talent is strong in both applications. Find her on Instagram, @me_sh_ele.

Contact her via email and visit her website to learn more about her and her work.

19. Legendary


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A post shared by LA PHOTOGRAPHER (@legendaryshots.p)

Legendary, or @legendaryshots.p on Instagram, puts her money where her lens is with her photography skills.

Book with this LA photographer through her website.

20. Jasmine Wilburn-Leftwich


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Living and shooting in Pittsburg, Jasmine was first inspired by her Grandfather. He instilled, “the value of capturing a moment.” Let her capture your perfect 2022 headshot moment. Find her on Instagram @jvisionary_.

Book her right on her website.

21. Keamber Pearson


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Keamber’s self portraits are what first caught my eye. She works from NYC to Atlanta and her Instagram handle is @kalm.insanity.

Visit her website to book with her.

22. Ashley Waters


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A post shared by Ashley Waters (@byashleywaters)

The playful color Ashley Waters uses in her images are super eye catching. Find her on Instagram at @byashleywaters.

Work with her by visiting her website.

23. Kaci Merriwether-Hawkins

Located in South Carolina, Kaci Merriwether-Hawkins’ shots exude a loving, soulful feel. Find her on Instagram under @kacimerriwetherhawkins.

Book Kaci directly through her website.

24. Dee Speaks


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Dee Speaks’ photography glows! Each subject’s beauty and strength is shown through her lens. You can find her at @deespeaks_ on IG.

To work with her, visit her website.

25. Kreshonna Keanne

This NYC photographer goes by @visualsbyk on IG. Her clear, bright shots are eye catching to say the least.

Email her to work with her:

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