When traveling to NYC, go to these smoke spots with a view. New York City has legalized cannabis both medically and recreationally now, alongside plenty of other U.S. states. NYC has gone a step further than any other county in America by allowing public cannabis use.

Take a stroll through a cemetery. Sit along the water. Or hike through nature to see a waterfall. All inside the big concrete city that is New York. Adults 21 and over can indulge in marijuana anywhere it is legal to consume cigarettes. Not much has changed since the implementation of public use. NYC has always had the smell of weed- infused into the rest of the city’s smells. Now though, visitors and residents can enjoy without the threat of search and seizure, or even a ticket.

Of course, always remember to use good smoking etiquette. Be aware of your surroundings. Stay away from doors and entrances. And be mindful of other people and their comfortability around cannabis. Some of these places have a ton of people visiting during weekends and holidays. Plan your sesh around the peak times to enjoy comfortably and responsibly. Be sure to read the rules of the park as well before lighting up in any of these NYC smoke spots with a view.

1. Prospect Park

Prospect Park is in Brooklyn. It is only second to the famous Central Park and that may be only a matter of opinion. Rent a kayak and skim the lake while putting one in the air.

2. Governor's Island

Open space and local art will keep you entertained during your NYC smoke sesh. Get a great view of the Statue of Liberty here too. Watch out where you consume, as there is a playground here.

3. East River Park (Brooklyn side)

Take in the beautiful views at East River Park. Have a sunset sesh on the Brooklyn side for a maximum effect.

4. The Ramble


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Spot over 200 different species of birds in this natural wildlife habitat. Located in Central Park, take a birdwatching book, some binoculars along with some good green and enjoy.

5. Gantry Plaza State Park

The best views of Manhattan from Queens are at Gantry Plaza State Park.  Take a pic or two of the Empire State building while hanging out here for a toke.

6. Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Get great views of New York Harbor and Manhattan skyline when smoking an L on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. About a quarter-mile long, this walkway opened in the late 1940’s.

7. Highline Park

Walking the Highline Park is a good way to get away from the busy traffic of NYC. Overlooks, sweet sitting spots and nature dot the Highline. Visit the Elevated Acre, just one floor higher for a look into the garden on the river. Follow the information and history of the park through informational-markers throughout the mile long, self-guided toke tour.

8. Pelham Bay Park

Surprisingly, Central Park isn’t the biggest park in NYC. Pelham Bay Park is the largest park in New York and it is right in the Bronx! Thirteen miles of shoreline gives tokers the space to enjoy a doob in plenty of spaces. Check out Turtle Cove and Twin Island within the park.

9. Astoria Park

Known for some of the most picturesque views of the city, Astoria Park is an easy pick for a NYC smoke spot with a view.

10. The Cop Cot


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Central Park has so many wonderful sesh spots! Check out the Cop Cot, which sits on top of a hill. Smoke and take in the views of the park and the city, simultaneously. If the gazebo doesn’t scream sesh fort, we don’t know what does!

11. Washington Square Park

The view at Washington State Park isn’t of the city. It’s more people watching while toking it up. The people at the park are interesting, fun and unique. No one cares if you’re taking a hit from a bowl or joint, especially in the evenings. People will be skating, playing hackeysac, strumming guitars and just feeling the vibe on the grass. Fun spot for a toke.

12. Brooklyn Bridge


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Take the ferry to the Brooklyn Bridge and see the underneath before taking the walk over. Come during sunrise for no one and sunset at Christmas time for everyone. See more NYC reels at Sailing_Dipity on IG.

13. North Woods

Hike in the North Woods. It’s hard to imagine there’s a place to hike in NYC, but spark up and take a trip to the ravine that hosts a waterfall in North Woods, Central Park.

14. Riverside Park

Located on the upper westside of Manhattan, Riverside Park takes up four miles of space along the riverfront. Have a drink at the marina. Take a bike ride along the water and have a safety meeting along the way.

15. Carl Schurz Park


Spring is the perfect time to take a smoke break at Carl Schurz Park. Tulips will be blooming in various colors throughout the quiet, lesser-known NYC park.

16. Moses Mountain

Moses Mountain, part of Staten Island Greenbelt, will make you feel like you’ve left the city all together. Hike while putting one in the air and discover panoramic views of the Greenbelt and the Atlantic Highlands, in New Jersey.

17. Bryant Park

Lay out on the lawn at Bryant Park. Take in the clouds and the smoke and enjoy the views above.

18. Hallett Nature Sanctuary

Do some infused yoga at Hallett Nature Sanctuary in Central Park. An ideal space for quiet time, listen for birds and breathe in the oxygenated air.

19. Domino Park

Greet the day with views of Williamsburg Bridge and the Manhattan skyline from Domino Park. Walk along the water and take a puff on your jay.

20. Greenwood Cemetery

Smack dab in the middle of the city, Greenwood Cemetery is an interesting place to toke up. Check out the headstones and learn about the time capsule discovered there. Sweet views of the Manhattan skyline can be seen from here too.

21. Coney Island


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Look out to the ocean from the beaches of Coney Island. Smoke up then head to get one of those world famous NYC hotdogs!