20 Black Traveling Instagrammers To Follow In The LGBTQ+ Community
Photo Credit: Anete Lusina

Photo Credit: Anete Lusina

20 Black Traveling Instagrammers To Follow In The LGBTQ+ Community

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Maggie J.
Maggie J. Jun 24, 2022

Follow these 20 Black traveling Instagrammers in the LGBTQ+ community. As Pride Month comes to a close, the buzz around the LGBTQ+ community begins to dwindle as well. But, it doesn’t have to, like at all!

Black Traveling Instagrammers in the LGBTQ+ community

Listed below are 20 Black traveling Instagrammers that belong to the LGBTQ+ community. Find more comradery within the community by joining others who love traveling, are Black and are part of the Alphabet Mafia. If there are people not on the list below, please feel free to add them in the comments below. And, check out the author’s Instagram page too, @sailing_dipity.

1. Ami, @amis_adventures

Ami is a Black, queer, trans, pan, world traveler ready to give followers advice and tips on things like living and moving abroad, health safety while traveling, dating abroad and more. His reels and posts are informative and inspirational. To be part of the conversation with Ami, go to @amis_adventures and hit that follow button.

2. Alycia, @alyciaadventurista

Often times a solo-traveler, Alycia brings followers along on adventures from around the world. Thought provoking reels, beautiful destinations; be part of her adventures on IG at @alyciaaadventurista!

3. Bree and Chantell, @twogrlsoneworld

Bree and Chantell are a lesbian couple who are, “inspiring minority and LGBTQ+ groups to travel and live freely.”

From Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Florida to places in Mexico these two travel bugs love a good nature-centric vacation. Follow along on Insta at @twogrlsoneworld for tips on trails and destinations.

4. Asia + Ana, @asianalove


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A post shared by Asia + Ana (@asianalove)

This family of three loves to travel. Living in Hudson Valley, New York, Moms Asia and Ana have traveled to Italy and Mexico with their daughter in the less than year the couple’s baby has been in this world. Find them on Instagram at @asianalove.

5. Jimmy and Mike, @papiandbae


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A post shared by Jimmy & Mike (@papiandbae)

Giving those perfect couple vibes, Jimmy and Mike’s Instagram shows a loving couple that loves living the good life, especially on vacation. L.A, Austin, Atlanta, Miami Beach and beyond, these two husbands know how to dress, love and travel. Go on their trips through the gram by following them at @papiandbae.

6. Nubia Younge, @iamnubiayounge

Nubia Younge is a traveler and foodie who is also a, “global connector, travel industry expert, expat and Founder & CEO” of @blackintulum. Younge is a world traveler with places like Abu Dhabi, Thailand, Cambodia and Tulum on the list of prior travel destinations. Follow Younge’s adventures through Instagram at @iamnubiayounge.

7. Angel and Ry, @lostintheevergreens


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A post shared by Angel + Ry (@lostinevergreens)

A couple from the east coast, who are traveling the pacific northwest and west coast. Angel and Ry, down for almost any adventure, are happy traveling together and sharing their explorations on the Gram. Find them at @lostinevergreens.

8. Marley and Clara, @life.beforebabies

Marley and Clara’s page exudes romance and some stunning photography. The couple’s world travel includes Bali, Paris and London. Spain and the Netherlands are part of their travel memories as well. The beautiful couple plans on getting married in Bali in the next couple of years and it is going to be a gorgeous ceremony. Don’t miss any of it, follow along on Instagram @life.beforebabies.

9. Teraj


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A post shared by Teraj (@teraj08)

Teraj is a model, song writer, producer, singer and traveler. He lights up Cancun, NYC, Hawaii and St. Marteen on his travels and loves to spend time on the road with his bae, @asianmapleleaf. Find Teraj on Instagram at @teraj08.

10. Yasmin Benoit, @theyasminbenoit


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A post shared by Yasmin Benoit, MSc (@theyasminbenoit)

Known for her advocacy for Black asexual rights, Yasmin Benoit is a British model whose informative posts and perfect model poses keep followers scrolling. She generally travels the UK and has also been spotted in Romania. Be part of Benoit’s push for asexual rights by engaging on her Instagram, @theyasminbenoit.

11. Shawny D, @shawnyd2002


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A post shared by shawnyd2002 (@shawnyd2002)

Shawny D. travels South Africa to Santo Domingo to Washington DC, with a giant smile on his face. Sailing, safaris and more grace this Instagram travel page. Follow along at @shawnyd2002.

12. G. Woods, @gwoodslife


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A post shared by G Woods (@gwoodslife)

Venice, Madrid and Aruba; G. Woods is a slow-traveling American, currently in Amsterdam. Wood’s page is all about, “travel, health and self-discovery.” Follow his travels with the hubby on Instagram at @gwoodslife.

13. Ally and Theresa, @allyouneedisloveandtravel

California’s coast seems to beckon Ally and Theresa. Their travels from Santa Diego to San Francisco are extensive and filled with hiking, art, restaurant and coffee shop tips and reviews. They’ve been found on the east coast too. So, if you love travel, love… and ice cream @allyouneedisloveandtravel is a good page to follow on the gram.

14. Isabel and Tamera, @isabelandtamera

Isabel and Tamera take on New York City and beyond. These two know how to spend a day in different boroughs in the Big Apple. Follow them through NYC, Honolulu and Tampa at @isabelandtamera on their travel adventures.

15. Skye and Nicole, @capture_life_travel

These two long distance loves have been meeting up in places like Amsterdam, Santorini, Paris and Malta for the last year. They are finally moving in together, in Germany and will continue their intriguing travels. Join them on Instagram at @capture_life_travel to see all of their fun.

16. Gennia and Lenny, @genniaandlenny

Queer and lesbian couple, Gennia and Lenny are LGBTQ+ visibility advocates and travelers. They can be found in Oklahoma, Florida and Arizona living their best travel lives together. The two can be found on IG at @genniaandlenny.

17. Amir Morris @amir_morris


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A post shared by Amir Morris (@amir_morris)

Seductive and studious, Amir Morris is a chatty world traveler, who probably never meets a stranger. Spend time with Amir in Chicago, Puerto Rico, Guadalajara and NYC, all through the lens of Instagram. Amir’s handle is @amir_morris.

18. Lexi and Aisha, @thequeernomads

Lexi and Aisha’s Instagram page, @thequeernomads is, “your hub for queer Black magic.” These two astute LGBTQ+ activists and travelers can be seen in Paris, London and on Princess Cruises.

19. Tamara Smitty Smith, @tdsmitty


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A post shared by Tamara Smitty Smith (@tdsmitty)

Swagger and style comes across the images and video of Tamara Smitty Smith. Santorini, Denver and Instabul top the list of destinations on Smitty’s travel page. Follow along on Instagram at @tdsmitty.

20. Rebecca Perkins, @beccatheexplora

Rebecca Perkins loves seeing nature during travels. New Mexico, California, Colorado and Oregon are some of the best places for hiking and taking in the stupendous sights. Perkins takes followers along on a breathtaking journey each time they go on a trip. Follow along on Instagram at @beccatheexplora.

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