15 Unexpected Items Can Save Your Vacation This Summer
Photo Credit: Photo by Nandhu Kumar from Pexels

Photo Credit: Photo by Nandhu Kumar from Pexels

15 Unexpected Items Can Save Your Vacation This Summer

Travel Noire
Travel Noire Jun 21, 2019

Written by: Ni’Kesia Pannell

Getting prepared for your summer travels can be both exciting and overwhelming. With all of the necessary items that you need to pack, like a narrowed down selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories, it’s hard to keep track of the things that fall a little further down on the scale of importance. What you should know, though, is that some of those “not so important” items can actually be unexpected lifesavers for everyone on your trip.

Here are 15 of the most unexpected products that will save your travels this summer.

Toast! Before You Drink Gummies

Whether you’re going on a girls trip or a bachelor party with your boys, one thing that can wreck your experience is a nasty hangover. With Toast! Before You Drink gummies, you’ll have the chance to boost the body’s response to alcohol so that you can maximize your vacation time.

These gummies are loaded with green tea and milk thistle extracts that ramp up your glutathione levels, providing more antioxidant resources to fight hangovers before they even start.

The Everybody Wrap

Every woman knows the struggles that come with finding the right dress for travel as well as narrowing down your picks for your suitcase. With The Everybody Wrap though this will no longer be a worry of yours. Wrinkle free, machine washable and the ability to be wrapped 101 different ways, this dress will become your go-to travel piece from here on out.

MPOWERD Luci Base Light

Heading on a glamping trip soon or just want to spend some time outdoors on your next adventure? Then you’ll absolutely need the MPOWERD Luci Base Light. Not only is it solar powered, but the light will last up to 50 hours on a single charge, charges your mobile devices, is waterproof, withstands up to 200 pounds of pressure, emits up to 300 lumens, and more.

Motorola Talkabout

Adventurers take note. The Motorola Talkabout should be on your wishlist of items to get this year. Fully waterproof, the two-way radios are perfect for those adventurers who may not necessarily be in cell phone range or proper conditions. The radios also include weather updates and alerts, floats, is equipped with a water-activated flashlight, and has a 35-mile range.


No matter where your travels take you, one thing you want to consider is taking along a good sleeping bag. The Sleep-n-Pack is a sleeping bag that rolls into a backpack, has three storage pockets, keeps you warm even when the weather gets down to 32 degrees, is water resistant, and is perfect for all ages.


Just like having a good sleeping bag is important for travel, you should also be looking into bringing along your own hammock. Getting to frolic in a hammock doesn’t have to happen only when you’re hanging out at a luxurious beach house, it can happen if you pack along your Kammok, too. Ultraportable, the tear resistant and comfortable hammock can fit two people (up to 500 pounds) for recreational uses and can comfortably sleep one.

CEP Compression Socks

If you’re still taking long flights or road trips without compression socks, you need to change that as soon as you can. The newest CEP Compression commuter socks, are perfect for those long trips and can help alleviate some of the stress your body endures and improve blood circulation as well as oxygen supply to muscles.

Steam Clip

Bringing along a Steam Clip may not seem necessary to some, but if you’re not traveling with one, this may change your mind. Use the Steam Clip to help get rid of the wrinkles your clothes without using an iron, like a smartphone stand, a thread/tag cutter, a purse or jacket holder, and more. It’s ideal for cruise ships, AirBnB’s, hotel rooms, or any place you find yourself needing a little extra help with the small things.

SANS Bottles

Whether you’re traveling by yourself or along with little ones, keeping a vacuum-sealed bottle is what you need. The SANS Bottles — which come in multiple sizes — are the perfect way to keep your juice, smoothies, fruits or vegetables fresh for up to seven days. BPA free, reusable, and leak-proof, these bottles will help you save time, money, and maintain your nutrients in your fresh foods.

Duchamp London

A good backpack goes a long way when globetrotting and the Duchamp London Getaway expandable carry-on backpack suitcase is just that. Essentially a carry-on in the form of a backpack, the Duchamp has everything you could possibly need including a USB port and cable battery pocket, expandable zipper compartments, bottle opener, padded pockets for both your tablet and laptop and much more. And, once your bag has reached its full expandable capacity, it can still fit in the overhead bin on flights.

My Air

You’ve probably seen a few people walking around with masks on in the airport and if you’ve thought they were a little weird before, it’s time to reconsider. The My Air advanced filtration masks can actually be of help. Supporting hydration by reducing moisture loss by 88%, reducing jet lag, airborne pathogens, allergens and contaminants, these reusable and washable masks are perfect for those long trips surrounded by large groups.


During most people’s travels, it’s not uncommon to come back home with a few trinkets or souvenirs for yourself and those closest to you. If they’re fragile, however, you might find yourself being a little reluctant to place them in your bag without wrapping all of your clothes around them. The Vinnibag is a durable and suitable way to solve that problem though as it hosts inflatable air chambers to protect those precious items.

Contiki Water Bottle

Tired of buying a new water bottle every time you travel or struggling to find space for the larger sized ones that you have? The Contiki Water Bottle just might be your answer to that. Foldable, reusable, and equipped with a state of the art filtration system, this will definitely be a beneficial investment for years to come.

Just Thrive Probiotic

Indigestion when traveling to a new place is quite common, but what isn’t is the talk of bringing probiotics along with you on your trip. Just Thrive Probiotics can help you with your stomach issues, keep allergy symptoms away by boosting the immune system, and since it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, it’s easy to take with you. Additionally, it is non-GMO, all-natural, and sugar, dairy, salt, gluten, and nut free.

Psi Bands

Just like hangovers can kill your travel vibe, so can the effects of motion or travel sickness. Psi Bands — the acupressure wrist bands — are a clinically-proven, FDA-cleared and patented medical device that can provide relief from nausea due to motion and travel sickness. The best part is that they don’t cause drowsiness or dry mouth like other anti-nausea products, are waterproof, reusable and come in fun and stylish colors.

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