10 Things To See And Do On Your Next Trip To St. Lucia
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

10 Things To See And Do On Your Next Trip To St. Lucia

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Mar 10, 2022

The Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia is a beautiful beach and tropical forest destination that is a perfect choice for a getaway. The island has grown in popularity as a favorite travel destination and welcomes thousands of tourists each year to its lush jungles.

From chilling on the beach and all-day yacht parties to horseback riding through the rainforest and snorkeling, St. Lucia is overflowing with adventurous opportunities waiting for you to arrive. If you’re planning a trip to St. Lucia, add these ten activities to your itinerary for the ultimate jungle adventure with a splash of beachside magic.

1. Swim in the Clear Blue Waters


St. Lucia
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Sunny St. Lucia is a beach lover’s dream and a visit there wouldn’t be complete without swimming in the clear, blue waters surrounding the island. This is a great place for selfies and photo opts that really capture the beauty of the St. Lucian landscape.

Grab your favorite swimwear and prepare for a day filled with sunshine and sandy shores as you admire the blue sea. If you’re not a good swimmer, be sure to stay close to the beach for safety.

2. Plan a Booze Cruise

St. Lucia
Photo Courtesy of Furkan Tumer.

Yachts and catamarans can be found all around St. Lucia. Don’t hesitate to grab your friends and rent out a boat for the day for a booze cruise. Mix up your favorite cocktails and sail away to take in the sunset from the water.

Make sure you curate a dope playlist to set the vibe for your water adventure and keep sunscreen on hand if you plan on lounging in the sun. 

3. Lounge on Marigot Bay

St. Lucia
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You can take a shuttle ferry across the waters from your hotel to spend an afternoon lounging at Marigot Bay. This bay is considered the most beautiful bay in St. Lucia and was the setting for the 1967 film Doctor Dolittle.

Jungle-filled hills cascade into the blue waters and make the ideal spot for relaxation and vacation gratification. Next time you’re in St. Lucia, take some time to bask under the palm trees on Marigot Bay and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. 

4. Enjoy Shopping at Local Markets

St. Lucia
Photo Courtesy of Ricardo Esquivel.

An eclectic local market on Castries harbor, the Castries market features vendors and merchants from across the island. You can buy locally grown fruits and vegetables, handcrafted gifts, wood carvings, and so much more.

The market’s busiest day is Sunday, and it’s a wonderful place to experience authentic St. Lucian culture and local life. 

5. Zip-line Through the Jungle

St. Lucia
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Álvaro Arcelus.

St. Lucia’s hilly topography makes it a perfect place for ziplining. Gather your courage and zipline through the tropical jungle terrain for an adventurous moment you’ll never forget.

There are multiple zip lining companies on the island so do your research to find one that fits into your itinerary and budget. 

6. Visit the Pitons

If you visit the small fishing village of Soufriere on the West coast of St. Lucia, you catch the best view of the towering Pitons. These giant peaks emerged from the water due to volcanic activity 200,000 to 300,000 years ago and hikers from around the world attempt to climb the steep slopes, even though the climb is extremely difficult.

The Pitons are made up of two peaks, the Gros Piton which stands at 798 meters, and the Petit Piton at 750 meters high. Although you can see the Pitons from many spots on the island, Soufriere provides a panoramic view of the mountains, so you can take in its beauty from all sides. 

7. Suit Up And Go Snorkeling

St. Lucia
Photo Courtesy of @alyssasieb.

Home to a 40-meter deep ecosystem of sea life, Anse Chastanet Marine National Park is a hotspot for dynamic snorkeling adventure underwater. The reef is filled with a slew of tropical fish like barracudas, wrasse, and parrotfish and a diverse array of coral and sea sponges dwell in the waters.

You can dive in and explore the reef and take in its underwater magnificence and spend some time on the park’s beach where you’ll have an incredible view of the Pitons. Be sure to add snorkeling to your itinerary when planning out your trip to St. Lucia. 

8. Hike On A Nature Trail

Photo by RF Studio

After you finish enjoying your view of the Pitons in Soufriere, tie up your hiking boots and prepare for a walk through St. Lucia’s tropical forest terrain. The Tet Paul Nature Trail has some of the most amazing views of St. Lucia’s southern end and takes about 45 minutes to complete.

There is a small fee to hike the trail, however the experience is worth the cost once you’re surrounded by naturally growing pineapples, cassava production, and lush, exotic trees. You also can taste some of the tropical fruit that grows on the island, and you’ll experience an overwhelming sense of reward once you reach the summit

9. Explore the Mourne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park

An 18th-century estate that will satiate your thirst for adventure, culture, and history, the Mourne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park is a very popular tourist destination when vacationing in St. Lucia. You can take a tour of the property’s working plantation where manioc, cocoa, and coconuts are grown in abundance and also walk through a replica of a traditional St. Lucian village. There are also guides throughout the park that demonstrate how to make syrup, sugar cane, coffee, and other goods.  

Not only that, but you can ride horses through the rainforest and zipline past a view of the Pitons. After your visit to the park, you can dine on Creole food at the park’s restaurant to wrap up your experience.

10. Experience the Elements at Sulphur Springs Park

St. Lucia
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ArtHouse Studio.

Although it has not erupted in over 40,000 years, Mount Soufriere also known as Sulphur Springs Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in St. Lucia. The mountain is the most active geothermal area on the island and was once a mining location for sulfur.

Along the side of the mountain, you’ll find a 274-meter crater that allows visitors to literally drive in a volcano. The park is surrounded by therapeutic springs, and you can even take a mud bath. 

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