Moving to Central America is full of surprises, magical moments, and Latin American spirit. But what is it that keeps Black expats in Panama?

Panama is one of the hottest spots for Black expats and there are certain things about the country that speak to the diaspora. Here are the top 10 reasons Black expats find themselves in Panama:

1. Housing

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Panama boasts some of the most affordable and high-quality housing in Central America. This isn’t even to speak of the benefits of being able to live in the center with gorgeous balcony views and several amenities at a fraction of the price for properties on the outskirts of European countries or most states in the U.S. Whether you’re looking for a home in a quieter, gated community or a chance to be in the middle of the fun in Panama city, there is something to fit all budgets.

2. Entrepreneurial Opportunities

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Panama is a top destination for travelers with an entrepreneurial spirit. It has become increasingly more popular for expats to lean into their entrepreneurial spirit while on Panamanian soil. Being such an international, cosmopolitan city, Panama city is open to new ideas and increased entrepreneur activity from all, including expats.

3. Retirement

Many Black expats find themselves drawn to Panama because of retirement prospects. It has been ranked one of the best locations in the world to retire in, so it is easy to see the appeal of moving in the long-term.

4. Great Weather

Another benefit of choosing Panama as your new home? The gorgeous weather. Operating on rainy season and dry season, it is usually warm year round and easy enough to navigate. If you’re the kind of expat seeking endless summer nights, Panama might be one to add to the list.

5. Unreal Food

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So, it has to be said, the food in Panama is top tier. Surely up there with Mexican food, which has a huge reputation in Latin America and beyond, Panama has a rich and blended selection of cuisine to offer. Black expats constantly share how much they enjoy the food scene in Panama and honestly, we get it.

6. Black Panamanian Presence

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When moving abroad, Black expats must always keep at the front of their minds the way they will be received and treated in the host country. This hurdle sometimes makes or breaks the idea of making the jump in the first place. The great thing about Panama is that Black expats are part of a wider African diaspora in Panama and so often feel at home and comfortable in the country.

Afro-Panamanian culture can be found across the country. Typically, the Afro-Panamanian presence is most felt in the towns and cities of Colón, Cristóbal, and Balboa, as well as in the Río Abajo area of Panama City.

7. The Infectious Culture

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That leads on to our next point; the culture of Panama is super infectious. Black expats often enjoy Panama’s blended Spanish, African, and Indigenous cultures, and how this makes for a truly diverse living experience. Also, the international movement and migrations mean that many other cultures can be found seamlessly integrated into the culture, like the Jamaicans who settled in Panama after helping build the Panama Canal.

8. Location

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Being excellently located in Central America allows for easy travel into South America, as well as the neighboring Costa Rica. Black expats hoping to explore more of the region will appreciate the excellent connectivity in Panama.

Also, expats coming from the U.S. will appreciate the ease of getting to and from because of the close proximity and multiple flight routes.

9. Perfect Mix Of Familiar And Unfamiliar

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If you haven’t noticed by now, Panama has a lot to offer and is therefore painfully hard to pin down. That is perhaps the magic of the country that keeps Black expats in Panama: the vastness.

In one moment you’re enjoying a city relatively similar to the one you’ve just left, with U.S. currency and a similar pace, and then after short drive to the outskirts and you’re experiencing nature like never before. This balance between the familiar and the unfamiliar is huge in Panama for expats.

10. Growing Black Expat Community

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Finally, Black expats are drawn to Panama because of other Black expats. The growing amount of Black travelers making the move means more resources, knowledge and vibes when you do head over to Panama.

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