10 Black Travel Facebook Groups You HAVE To Join
Photo Credit: Nappy.co

Photo Credit: Nappy.co

10 Black Travel Facebook Groups You HAVE To Join

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Maggie J.
Maggie J. Feb 22, 2022

Finding solid, Black travel Facebook groups, can be a challenge. The search for people with like minds through Facebook groups is a major part of being on the social media platform.

It’s nice to have someone to go to when you have questions, or need advice. Imagine having 900,000 people who have been where you’re planning to travel, or even live there. To make things even better, these are all Black travelers you are taking advice from.

From getting answers to your travel questions in a timely manner and having the ability to get advice on your next vacation, to finding a possible travel partner! These are the things you can expect when you join one of these 10 Black travel Facebook groups.

Comment below and tell us the Black travel Facebook groups we may have missed!

1. (Black) African Americans That RV & Camp (AARVC)

Black RV and Vanlifers
Submitted by Maggie Jay.

(Black) African Americans That RV & Camp (AARVC) is a private group of over 9,000 members.

This group has a strong set of members who frequently contribute with stories, photos and videos on RV travel.

The Black RVer’s and campers don’t just contribute. They comment and like each other’s posts as well. You will find plenty of support in this group.

They are planning a trip to Alaska this summer, leaving from North Dakota. This would be a fun group to travel with, especially since everyone is carrying their home with them!

2. Singles Black Travel Group

Singles Black Travel Group

(Original) Singles Black Travel Group currently holds over 68,000 members. The group is for singles, ready to mingle!

Their hope is that you meet someone within the group and start dating. If you do, you both can stay in the group as, ‘legacy members.’

The group had over 450 posts in the last month, so the group is definitely active.

3. Black Travel Network



Black Travel Network is a small and mighty group. Their focus is on inspiring, “people to venture outside of their comfort zone to explore new countries.” The group is currently at over 7,000 members.

4. Black People Travel And Network

airport security

Black People Travel & Network wants you to join their group so you can network with new people and, “discuss things that impact our community both within the US and abroad.”

News stories and advice seems to be seen most on the feed of it’s 36,000 members.

5. Black Folks Travel Too!


Black Folks Travel Too! is a unique group, “Whether you’ve traveled internationally, domestically or are just discovering the treasures near your home.”

You can stay in your hometown and still participate in this group. Show off any of your travel photos or videos to this group with over 28,000 members.

6. Puerto Rico BLACK EDITION

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Puerto Rico BLACK EDITION is a small, strong group, specific to Black travel to, and living in, Puerto Rico.

This group created, “a safe place for black people to get information on moving and or traveling to the island.”

7. Black World Travelers

Black World Travelers is a group, “for the Classy Black professional traveler looking to connect with like minds to discuss, organize and share travel stories.”

This group is READY to give advice. So, this is a good group to get travel questions answered.

8. Black Sailors


Black Sailors
Submitted by Maggie Jay.

Black Sailors Facebook Group page is a mix of history, comradery and sailing advice. This group is a tight knit group of sailors, like myself, who are always excited to have a new member join.

Join this group to learn about what a sailor’s life is like!

9. Travel Divas®-Travel + Lifestyle


Travel Divas®-Travel + Lifestyle is, “an online community focused on the shared travel experiences of Black Women.” They have almost 100,000 members!

Get travel advice. Meet other Travel Divas and even book your trip through this group.

10. Black Travel Experience, Group Trips and More


Black Travel Experience, Group Trips and More. This group has over 8,000 members and works exactly as the title suggests.

In a space where travelers can often be misled, the Black Travel Experience group is, “to help travelers find group trips, travel agents, and share experiences.”

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