10 Black-Owned Candles To Burn On Your Next Baecation
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Majenye.

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Majenye.

10 Black-Owned Candles To Burn On Your Next Baecation

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Sep 7, 2022

Nothing sets off an evening on vacation with your bae like a candlelit backdrop to your favorite song. No matter the destination or location, candles add an elevated element to every atmosphere. Add incredible fragrances that set the mood and you’re in for a treat. 

Next time you’re on a getaway or staycation with your significant other, grab one of these 10 Black-owned candles to burn and mellow out the atmosphere. Whether you want something scented or just to set the ambiance, these candle brands bring the fire when it comes to igniting the room.

1. C’Toan Co.


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Created during the pandemic, C’Toan Co. is a gender-friendly candle company created by Jodyann Morgan. What we love most about these candles is their unique design. Coming in an array of colors and scents, C’Toan Co. defies the traditional expectations of body image in America. Each candle mimics the figures of genderless people. Celebrating the fluid, the curvy, and a balance between feminine and masculine energy, Our favorite candles from C’Toan Co. is their plus-size body candles. The perfect example of art imitating life, C’Toan Co. is the life-like candles you need for a night on vacation with bae. 

2. Majenye

Black-owned candles
Photo Courtesy of Majenye.

At the end of a long day of excursions, restaurants, and tourist attractions, nights on a baecation always end with rest and relaxation. Sleep is incomplete without Majenye’s new line of bedtime candles. The plant-based beauty brand recently released the new candle line and we can’t get enough of the calming essence and tranquility they create. The candles come in three fragrances and Coco Apricot Crème wax creates a clean, long-lasting burn that’ll send you into a slumber. Next time you’re headed on a baecation, grab a Majenye candle for the perfect nightcap. 

3. Candle Lit By Tiff

Based in St. Louis, MO, Candle Lit By Tiff produces natural, hand-poured, soy candles that are perfect for any occasion. Owner Tiffany Ware created each candle with the customer in mind providing a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Since the candles are made from soy wax, these candles produce less pollution so you won’t have to worry about excess smoke and smog filling up your home. Our faves from Tiff’s collection include the three-wick eucalyptus, Tootie Fruitie, and Island Vibes. Tiff also recently released a book detailing step-by- step how to start a successful candle company. 

4. 13th & Canna


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A candle created just for smokers, 13th & Canna is the candle collection every 420-friendly home needs. While cannabis is a sheer delight for some folks, the lingering smell can be annoying and embarrassing especially if you’re on a baecation. These candles were created with a special formula designed to eliminate the odor cannabis leaves behind. Long gone are the day of trying to mask smoke smells with incense. 13th & Canna is the smoker-friendly candle you need the next time you and bae are taking a flight on vacay. 

5. Wicked Wix Collection

The candle collection from Wicked Wix looks so delicious you won’t even want to burn them. Handmade by mom of two and full-time phlebotomist, Atiya Shim, Wicked Wix turns everyone’s favorite desserts and treats into amazing candles. Each candle has a unique scent inspired by your favorite foods and fragrances. Garnished with toppings and designed to fill up a room with its scent, Wicked Wix candles are pure artistic perfection. Our faves are the Breakfast & Lunch collection and Bake Shop wax melts. 

6. Brown Girl Jane

An award-winning, plant-based brand, Brown Girl Jane creates all of its products with Black women at the forefront. They have a variety of wellness and beauty products geared toward catering to and amplifying the voices of Black women and their candles are top-tier. Customers have fallen in love with their Warm Cashmere candle. With hints of grapefruit, musk, rose, amber, and mandarin, this candle is a must-have and whisk you away to scenic lands right from your couch. An excellent addition to any candlelit evening, Brown Girl Jane’s candles definitely should make their way into your suitcase for your next baecation. 

7. Olphactory Candles

An ode to Jazz through wax, Olphactory Candles sing sweet songs to you through the flames. We love Interlude, a teasing, enticing scent that seduces and plays to the rhythm of those in the room. A lover of Jazz, OPHC creator couldn’t think of anything better than flickering candles in a dark room as Jazz instrumentals captivated an audience. These candles pair perfectly with a romantic evening so it’s no wonder is a top choice for nights on a baecation. 

8. Lene Nicole Candle Company

Founded by Darlene Parks, Lene Nicole Candle Company creates candles for your mind and your mood. It’s described as luxury in a jar and its collections are memorable and one-of-a-kind. Parks created the candles intentionally for customers looking for products with a cleaner, safer burn. A Black, woman-owned brand, Lene Nicole Cande Company’s products keep the room lit while lighting your soul ablaze. 

9. Scent & Fire Candles


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Hands down one of our favorite candle brands, Scent & Fire Candles’ eco-luxury products are ideal for an evening on the beach with bae. Creator Monisha developed the candles after discussing aromatherapy helped her deal with her anxiety and depression. She also has asthma, so it was important the candles burned clean and didn’t release a ton of smoke and smog into the air. These candles are great for travelers who want eco-friendly products with incredible scents. 

10. Waxsy Candle Company

Created by Scottlyn Marie, Waxsy Candle is an Atlanta-based company where luxury meets lifestyle. Waxsy produces coconut wax candles that have a slow burn and long-lasting scent. The company is branching out into teaching other entrepreneurs how to create coconut candles as well as selling candle-making supplied wholesale. Our favorites from the brand include Manifesting Millions, Prototype, and Outside

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