A woman from Louisiana carrying a fetus that was incapable of being born had no choice but to travel to New York for an abortion. Due to the laws in her state which make abortion illegal.

The 36- year- old, Nancy Davis terminated her pregnancy on September 1st. Two and a half months into her pregnancy she learned that the fetus had developed acrania. Acrania is a rare condition in which the skull of the baby does not take form inside of the womb. The condition is fatal.

Doctors Recommended Abortion

Doctors told Davis if she were to give birth to the child, it would only survive for a short period. Possibly anywhere between a few minutes to a week. Davis was advised by multiple physicians in Louisiana to get an abortion, but the doctors there could not perform the procedure due to the recent overturning of Roe V Wade.

“Basically, they said I had to carry my baby to bury my baby,” said Davis. “They seemed confused about the law and afraid of what would happen to them.” 

Any doctor in Louisiana that performs an abortion on a patient will face up to 15 years in prison.

The only abortions the state will allow are if the patient is at risk of death or impairment in carrying. Unfortunately, when the fetus has an abnormality the patient must follow through with the pregnancy. Rape and incest is also excluded as an exception.

Effects Of Overturning Roe v. Wade

However, during the time Davis was seeking to get an abortion, Louisiana trigger laws were heavily criticized by both Davis and abortion-rights advocates for being vague and confusing. 

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When Davis was searching for a doctor in Louisiana to perform the abortion, many abortion-rights advocates believe the new laws weren’t clear. As a matter of fact many advocates across the country find that the new laws are confusing.

“Ms. Davis was among the first women to be caught in the crosshairs of confusion due to Louisiana’s rush to restrict abortion, but she will hardly be the last,” stated by David’s attorney, Ben Crump.

Currently, about a dozen states have completely banned abortions no matter the stage of the pregnancy. Although, some of those states are accepting of cases such as rape or incest, just not in Louisiana.

Recently, the city council in New Orleans are directing law enforcement to not use the city’s resources to enforce the ban and make it “the lowest priority for enforcement.”

Since June, when Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court, Democratic and Republican leaders have been feuding within the red states across the country.