Booking a trip across the pond does not mean you have to abandon the culture for the time being. If you are headed to London, you have an awesome opportunity to explore the city’s Black nightlife. So many Black folks throughout the diaspora have called this city home for years and have established their own culture. London’s Black culture is multifaceted and one of the few cities in the world where you can explore culture from the Caribbean to West Africa in just one day. The scene is very energetic and known to party all throughout the night. Look no further if you want to know where to explore Black nightlife in London. Celebrate the Black DJs, artists and business owners that make these spots the vibrant spaces that they are. 

During your next trip to London, here’s where you can explore black nightlife.

The Jazz Café 

Located in Camden, the Jazz Café is one of London’s most iconic live music venues that offers entertainment every Friday and Saturday night. Though called the Jazz Café, the venue also hosts a variety of other musical styles, including soul, funk, hip-hop and world music. No one night is the same at the Jazz Café. In addition to live music, The Jazz Café hosts club nights and special events, often featuring DJs spinning a mix of genres to keep the energy alive. This includes Soul City every Saturday where the night is all about disco and house music. The venue itself is known for its intimate and cozy setting that provides an up-close and personal experience for the audience. It is a unique way to experience an immersive atmosphere during performances.

The historic Jazz Café venue underwent renovations in 2016, enhancing its facilities and improving the overall experience for both performers and audiences. The upgrades included improved sound and lighting systems. Find The Jazz Café at its address 5 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7PG. 

The Doctor’s Orders

The Doctor’s Orders is a London-based events company and promotion group that specializes in organizing and hosting hip-hop, soul and dance music events. Since 2005, it has been deemed the world’s best spot for DJs and MCs throughout the UK. They have also played a significant role in bringing a diverse range of top-quality DJs, artists, and performers to various venues in London. The Doctor’s Orders events are known for their vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that focuses on the music rather than the superficial.

The events organized by The Doctor’s Orders include both live performances by artists and DJ sets. It is particularly renowned for its dedication to hip-hop music but also extends its focus to related genres such as soul, funk, R&B, and dance music. They have hosted a variety of established talents like Questlove and DJ Jazzy Jeff to emerging talents. The events take place in various venues across London, so be sure to check the group’s events page to see where their DJs will be hosting a party for music lovers next. Venues may range from intimate clubs to larger spaces.

UK Hip-Hop Karaoke

Hip-Hop Karaoke is an absolute must for those searching where to explore Black nightlife in London! Hosted by DJ Rob Pursey of the Southern Hospitality, Hip-Hop Karaoke is the best-known open mic Hip-Hop night in London. It provides a unique and entertaining experience for hip-hop enthusiasts as they get to take center stage with the DJ and perform practically any rap song of their choice. The event typically takes place in various venues across London. Venues such as Butlin’s Big Weekenders, BOXPARK and Queen of Hoxton are frequent hosts for the event but always check the event’s official website or handles for the latest information on venue details and dates.

Do not be afraid to take the stage even if you are not the best performer. The event is known for its inclusive and energetic atmosphere. UK Hip-Hop Karaoke encourages people of all skill levels to take the stage and showcase their love for hip-hop, whether you’re a seasoned rapper or just someone looking to have a fun and memorable night out. 


Aquum is a popular nightclub and bar located in Clapham, South London at 68-70 Clapham High Street, London SW4 7UL. Clapham is a vibrant district known for its nightlife and this club-bar is a testament to that. Recently voted as Best New Bar in London at The London Club & Bar Awards, Aquum serves as a place that offers both fine dining and a unique party experience for guests. 

Aquum is known for its modern and chic interior design, giving it a posh and energetic atmosphere. The venue features multiple areas including a main bar, dance floor and VIP sections for whatever kind of clubbing experience you are looking for. Aquum is also known for being a late-night venue, with themed events and parties that go into the early hours of the morning and an extensive cocktail menu and a range of drink options. 

The Rum Kitchen Brixton

The Rum Kitchen in Brixton is the perfect place for happy-hour, pre-gaming or where to explore Black nightlife in London for those who are not interested in a long night. This funky, Caribbean-inspired hangout is known for its vibrant atmosphere, tropical decor and  diverse menu featuring Caribbean cuisine and a wide selection of rum-based cocktails. Its location in Brixton is also no coincidence as it is considered the center of Caribbean culture in London. 

The menu at Rum Kitchen typically features a variety of dishes inspired by Caribbean flavors and culinary traditions. This may include jerk chicken, curry goat, seafood and vegetarian options that offer a taste of the islands. True to its name, Rum Kitchen is also known for its extensive selection of rum-based cocktails. The bar menu often includes a range of creative and tropical concoctions of different types of rum and unique flavor combinations. Check out the Brixton location of The Rum Kitchen at 437 Coldharbour Lanebrixton SW9 8LN. 

Prince of Peckham

The last but certainly not least recommendation of where to explore Black nightlife in London is this South London, Black-owned pub. The Prince of Peckham is situated at 1 Clayton Road, London SE15 5JA, in the lively and culturally diverse area of Peckham. The venue prides itself on being more than just a pub; it positions itself as a community hub and a gathering place for locals of South London. Owner Clement Ogbonnaya aims to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for people from all walks of life and fight back gentrification with The Prince of Peckham. The pub’s website explained that Ogbonnaya was inspired to create it by the communal atmosphere of the 90s TV show Desmond’s, a show about a neighborhood barbershop in Peckham featuring the character that inspired the pub’s name, Lee “The Peckham Prince” Stanley.

The Prince of Peckham offers a menu featuring a mix of British and Caribbean cuisines, reflecting the diverse culinary influences in the area. Its bar serves a selection of drinks, including craft beers, cocktails, and more. The pub often hosts a variety of cultural events, including live music, DJ nights, comedy shows, and art exhibitions. The ambiance is laid-back and friendly, making it suitable for casual drinks, gatherings and events.