Where To Explore Black Nightlife In London


Where To Explore Black Nightlife In London

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Apr 29, 2019

London’s black culture is multifaceted and one of the few cities in the world where you can explore culture from the Caribbean to West Africa in just one day.

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During your next trip to London, here’s where you can explore black nightlife.

The Jazz Café 

Located in Camden, the Jazz Café is one of London’s most iconic live music venues that offers entertainment 7 days a week.

From Cubafrobeat, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and more, no one night is the same at the Jazz Café.  Here is where you can find details on performances.

The Doctor’s Orders

For more than a decade, Doctor’s Orders have been deemed the world’s best spot for DJs and MCs throughout the UK. During your visit, be sure to check the group’s events page to see where their DJs will be hosting a party for music lovers next.  

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Queen of Hoxton

Hip-Hop Karaoke at Queen of Hoxton is an absolute must in London! Hosted by DJ Rob Pursey of the Southern Hospitality, Hip-Hop Karaoke is the best-known open mic Hip-Hop night in London.


Recently voted as Best New Bar in London at The London Club & Bar Awards, Aquum serves as a place that offers both fine dining and a unique party experience for guests.

Rum Kitchen

Rum Kitchen is the perfect place for happy-hour, pre-gaming, or for those of you not interested in a long night. This funky, island-inspired hangout offers Caribbean cuisine and delicious rums and cocktails. 

Lotus Bar

In addition to food, Lotus transforms into an award-winning hangout spot at night that’s perfect for those of you looking for a casual cocktail to catch up with friends.

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