It was the plane ride of a lifetime for passengers aboard a Spirit Airlines flight heading to Los Angeles from Baltimore after a fellow passenger decided it was her moment to shine. And, what better time to promote your budding rap career than mid-flight when you and the people around you have nowhere to go.

Rapper and musician Jahlaya Hollis, who has since changed her Instagram bio to “Spirit Airlines’ Own,” performed her song with what appears to be a mic and speaker box up and down the aisle. Can we say, sis came prepared!?

In a post that’s now-deleted on Instagram, Jahlaya says she’s the first person to perform 40,000 feet in the air.

“I live in L.A. and pretty everyone is an artist,” Jahlaya tells Travel Noire. “The person pouring a cup of coffee is a singer or the person bagging your groceries is an artist. I hear so much good music and it’s a shame that it never gets heard. I just don’t want my music to end up like that.”

That’s why she decided to take a leap of faith and perform her mixtape on the flight. And her quick thinking got some love – even from the pilot who allowed her to tell passengers on the flight to send her the recordings of her performance.

“People followed from the flight and later I realized the post went viral,” she says.

The post has gotten some mixed reviews from people social media users.

“I would’ve been standing up cheering her on waving my hand side to side,” Comedian Little Duval commented under an Instagram repost from the Shaderoom.

“Spirit for the W,” Artist Marley Waters added under the post.

Other people weren’t thrilled with her performance.

“They would’ve been refunding me respectfully,” one Instagram user commented.

“As a person who loves to sleep on flights, I would’ve been HEATED,” another Instagram added.

There’s not much information about where the flight was headed, but it appears that the artist currently resides in California, according to her Instagram page.

This isn’t the first time that passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight have decided to play their music for people to hear. Back in 2016, a fight broke out on a flight from Baltimore to LA after two passengers pulled out a portable speaker to play their music for everyone to hear, as reported by the Matador Network.

You can watch a snippet of the video here. What are your thoughts?