In a groundbreaking event scheduled for today, August 10, Virgin Galactic’s second commercial flight is set to carry an extraordinary duo into the cosmos. Anastatia Mayers, an 18-year-old philosophy and physics student at Aberdeen University, is poised to journey into space alongside her mother, Keisha Schahaff. Hailing from the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda, the mother-daughter pair is all set to etch their names in history.

The spaceflight of Anastatia Mayers and Keisha Schahaff marks a significant stride in space exploration, breaking barriers, and inspiring generations to come. Mayers is on the verge of creating history as the youngest individual to undertake a space journey.

The remarkable journey became attainable when Keisha Schahaff secured victory in a philanthropic fundraising draw, an initiative by Space for Humanity. The draw, which garnered considerable attention, captured the hearts of space enthusiasts and advocates for human exploration. A surprise of a lifetime awaited Schahaff when none other than Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, personally visited her home in Antigua to deliver the exhilarating news.

Schahaff’s decision to select her youngest daughter, Anastatia Mayers, for this extraordinary voyage adds a unique familial dimension to the historic event. Their journey not only makes them the first mother and daughter duo to venture into space but also propels them into the spotlight as pioneering astronauts from Antigua and Barbuda.

Virgin Galactic Provides Unexpected Chapter in Their Lives

The anticipation surrounding spaceflight has been building, especially given the compelling circumstances that led to their participation. “My mom read about the competition back in 2021 while we were on our way to another Caribbean Island to get my visa for studying at the University of Aberdeen. We had to take an insane detour. So instead of a one-hour flight, it was 16 hours through London and then back down into the Caribbean,” recounted Mayers, reflecting on the serendipitous turn of events. The journey that ignited their space odyssey had set the stage for an unexpected chapter in their lives.

The transformative moment arrived when Schahaff broke the news to Mayers a few months after entering the draw. “That was when she told me we won the trip to space. I remember saying, ‘What are you talking about? You’ve finally lost it.’ I was in utter shock. I wasn’t able to piece my words together. I’m still processing the fact we get to do this,” shared Mayers, encapsulating the surreal emotions that engulfed her upon learning of their impending spaceflight.

Joining them on this momentous adventure will be former British Olympian Jon Goodwin.