A recent viral video detailing how a bed collapsed on a guest at Disney World hotel has attracted much attention. The viral video which has since been taken down by the TikTok user, shares a traumatic experience at the popular hotel.

Visiting the Disney World Hotel is something of a tradition for Sara (@ss4rax) and her family. The TikToker claimed that she and her family visit multiple times a year for many years. This is what shocked Sara most when the bed collapsed while she was sleeping in it.

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Bed Collapses On Guest At Disney World Hotel:

What it shows:

In the video, Sara explains that she woke in the middle of the night to the faint sound of wood ripping out of the wall. According to Inside The Magic’s report, Sara explains that it was too late for her to react because the bed promptly collapsed trapping her inside.

“I knew I wasn’t going to be able to scream unless I got out, so with adrenaline, I ripped my head and my chest out,” Sara explains. “The whole thing came collapsing back down on my right arm. Adrenaline kicked in. It hurt so bad, but I needed to scream.”

She previously shared images of her bruised arm and injuries following the incident.

How did this happen?

Sara also mentioned that her Dad looked at the bed and said that it was installed incorrectly. He called it ‘lazy’ installations and blamed this on the incident. Many commenters on the now deleted post said that the bed attached to the wall is for children. Regardless, Sara claims she has slept on them fine since she was 13, she’s now 20.

While the Disney World Resort website doesn’t state weight/age limitations for the trundle beds, a Disney representative told Inside the Magic that the beds are recommended for guests nine and under and have a posted weight limit of 200 pounds. A similar incident occurred at Disney’s Rivera Resort in 2019.

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