Vacationship 101: Five Steps To Get The Most Out Of Your Vacation Romance
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Vacationship 101: Five Steps To Get The Most Out Of Your Vacation Romance

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Stephanie Ogbogu
Stephanie Ogbogu May 15, 2019

Dating can be complicated and in 2019, there are so many levels to establishing a relationship that it all becomes a blur. These days, you can date someone, you “talk” to someone, you can have a side piece, you can be in a situationship and now vacationships are the new thing.

A vacationship is a romance that only exists during the course of a vacation. It’s like a long-distance relationship except it has been established that when the trip is over, the pair will go their separate ways. There are no attachments whatsoever until the next out-of-town link up.

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Vacationships can be very convenient for the right type of people. Career driven individuals who don’t have time to date regularly, those who aren’t looking for anything serious but wouldn’t mind consistent hook-up every now and then, and those who want a baecation but don’t have a bae can all benefit from this arrangement.

If you’re considering a vacationship for yourself, here are 5 things you should keep in mind:

Establish Ideal Destinations

A vacationship won’t work if either party doesn’t enjoy the destination that was picked out. It’s very important that you and your partner communicate what type of outings you’re into. Whether you’re down for an oceanside rendezvous or plan to keep each other warm in the mountains, the ideal setting for your meetups should be predetermined and not come as a surprise.

Agree On Sleeping Arrangements

Will you guys be staying in a hotel or an Airbnb? Twin beds or a queen? It’s important that you take time while booking your vacationship getaway to determine where (and when) you guys plan to sleep. Don’t wait until you’re halfway around the world to try and figure these things out. If you’re not comfortable sleeping in the same room with your boo just yet, it’s okay to book separate accommodations. This arrangement is all about making sure all parties are relaxed.

Make Plans But Be Flexible

The point of participating in a vacationship is to enjoy the company of the other person. So, although you’d like everything to go as planned, know that sometimes that isn’t the case and because this person does not get to spend much time with you outside of this setting, it’s important that you maintain your cool at all times. Have an itinerary of cute couple’s activities that you’d like to do — go hiking, take a dance class, go to brunch, and if you end up sleeping through it all because you engaged in a late night tryst the night before, it’s perfectly okay.

Always Have Emergency Funds

Never leave home without emergency funds. In the event that things go awry with you and your vacation boo, you should be able to book your own hotel room, pay for your own taxi or if worst comes to worst, buy a flight home. Because there are no-strings-attached, you should always prepare yourself for the day that your arrangement comes to an end.

Use Protection

This should go without saying. A vacationship is not meant to be permanent but babies are. Protect yourself.

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