Want to Vacation Like A Celeb? Consider These 5 Destinations
Photo Credit: Kindel Media

Photo Credit: Kindel Media

Want to Vacation Like A Celeb? Consider These 5 Destinations

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Bernadette Giacomazzo
Bernadette Giacomazzo Oct 25, 2021

Let’s be real: you’re long overdue to take a vacation like a celeb.

Between the pandemic, the Great Resignation, and all the other nonsense going on in the world today, you need a break — and you’ve finally got the money to do it right. Maybe you can’t afford to live like a celebrity, but you sure can afford to vacation like one! Why not take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do it right?

In the past, people could only dream of taking a vacation like a celeb. Who could afford those exorbitant prices, after all? But these days, as the prices of travel continue to drop, and it’s become cheaper than ever to stay in the lap of luxury, vacationing like a celeb isn’t an impossible wish after all. And if you can get some of your friends to join you on your trip, too, it’ll only be that much more fun.

Whether your idea of a good time is partying on the Las Vegas strip, or getting away from it all on a private jet, or even just a quick jaunt on a bae-cation, these five destinations are very necessary. Get out your credit card and get ready to vacation like a celeb!

Charter a Yacht like the Carters



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This year, Beyoncé and Jay-Z fans took note when the Carters weren’t in attendance at the Met Gala. And, they had a good reason: it’s because they’d chartered a 450-foot super-yacht called the Flying Fox to sail around the Mediterranean.

Sound like a plan? Maybe. Well, it’s going to set you back $4 million…a week.

Be Glamorous on the French Riviera like Naomi Campbell


Supermodel icon Naomi Campbell loves the yacht life on the French Riviera. Every summer, Campbell enjoys the company of some of the world’s billionaires on some of the world’s biggest yachts…and even if you can’t gain exclusive entrée onto these mega-boats, you can certainly party at one of her favorite nightclubs in St. Tropez called the VIP Room.

Booking a girls-only table will set you back about 500 Euros, while a mixed table will set you back about 1000 Euros.

Party on South Beach like LeBron James



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Celebrities and South Beach go together like roast pork, cheese, and pickles. Everyone from LeBron James to Lil’Wayne parties here, and for good reason: the nightclubs are some of the hottest in the nation.

There’s no shortage of all-Black parties to go to on Collins Avenue, but if you really want to party like a celeb, make sure to book a table at the infamous Story Nightclub. They’ve already got events lined up for 2022, so you know they take partying seriously.

Head to a Caribbean Island like Lori Harvey & Michael B. Jordan



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Lori Harvey & Michael B. Jordan made headlines over the summer when they enjoyed a remote bae-cation on a Caribbean island.

If you’re in a frisky mood, grab your favorite person & book an all-inclusive stay at Cain at the Cove in the Bahamas, which is a favorite vacation spot for people like Dwyane Wade & his wife, Gabrielle Union. The best part: it will only set you back about $400 a night!

Sun Yourself in Capri like the Smiths



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Capri, Italy, has become a popular celebrity vacation destination. Celebrities like Will & Jada Pinkett Smith, the Wades, and Ciara and Russell Wilson have all come here to enjoy the best of Italian hospitality.

And the best part: Capri is a lot more affordable than you think. An all-inclusive hotel will only run you about $130/night!

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