There’s really never a dull moment in the so-called “friendly skies,” is there? A plane bound for New York from Atlanta is one of the latest examples of airline drama. A woman who didn’t get her way, hurled abuse (among other things) at fellow passengers and staff. And as is often the case, the incident was captured on camera and put online for others to see.

Here are the specifics:

1. Why Did The Woman Misbehave?

She had her pet dog in her lap and refused to listen when a flight attendant asked her to put the animal under the seat in front of her.

When the attendant threatened to have her removed from the plane, the woman got aggressive.

“I didn’t f**** do anything to you guys!” she exclaimed. “My dog was sitting on my lap, I put him in the bag.”

2. The Altercation Escalated And Was Caught On Camera

The woman refused to comply with orders and only got more belligerent.

“Oh no, no, honey we are about to fight then!” she said.

She refused to calm down even when the flight attendant said her ticket would be refunded if she and her dog left.

3. Other Passengers Appeared Not To Side With The Unruly Woman

The woman hurled a water bottle at a passenger she believed was recording her.

Other passengers were eager for the woman to leave so the plane could depart.

“Get off the plane!” one cried.

“Bye!” exclaimed another.

People who viewed the video also thought the woman’s behavior was reprehensible. One remarked, “I love how she’s wearing pig tails and acting like a first grader.”

4. This Angered The Woman More

Seeing that she had no visible allies on board, the woman proceeded to curse out not just the flight attendant but other passengers.

In response to the passenger who told her to “get off the plane!” she said, “I am! Shut the f*** up!”

The woman asked an intervening flight attendant why one passenger was recording her and whether that was allowed.

“Anyone can record anything,” the attendant replied. “You just struck a passenger with a bottle. No one who acts this way flies on a flight with us.”

5. The Flight Staff Were Praised For Their Professionalism

It goes without saying that dealing with aggressive passengers isn’t easy.

But social media users praised the response of the flight attendant who aided in the woman’s removal.

One social media user wrote, “that dude was such a boss. Calm, cool, and collected the whole time and got her off the plane.”

6. Surprisingly, There Was No Arrest

The Daily Mail reports, “the Atlanta Police Department were called to the scene – but an ATL spokesperson said there were no arrests.”