This week, an unruly passenger was allegedly kicked off of a United Airlines flight to Los Angeles after he threatened to break someone’s neck for being asked to wear a face mask and switch off his phone.

The incident was filmed and the video was posted on TikTok, and has since gone viral video. The unruly passenger is shown screaming at flight attendants and threatening to find out their personal details.

The video, posted by Alexander Clark— another passenger on the flight— has received over four million views.

The unidentified man removed his face mask while yelling on the plane: “Take me off, I don’t even want to go to California.”

He was also threatening and physically attacking the passenger who was sitting next to him.

“I will find your name, date of birth, and address. I’ll know your social security number before I get off this flight,” aggressively pushing a passenger out of the aisle seat next to him.

After screaming at the passenger, he walked up to a flight attendant and the harassment continued. When another passenger tried to intervene, he tells the man “mind your business, because I’ll break your neck”.

After seeing Clark filming the whole incident, the man snatched his phone and demanded he delete the video.

Clark, however, uploaded two follow-up videos, both of which appeared to contain footage taken by a passenger several rows behind him. In those clips, the unruly passenger and two other men can be seen yelling at Clark, allegedly because he was taking video of the altercation. The man then gets up, saying, “Let’s go to jail! Because I’m the only n—- on this plane that’s fit to go to jail!”

This isn’t the first time a passenger created chaos over face mask rules during a flight. Last month, as we reported, a couple refused to comply with the federal mask mandate on a JetBlue flight, creating a pretty chaotic scene on board. They were asked to leave the plane and have been banned after one went on a profanity-filled rant.


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