‘Butt Ugly!” United Airlines Unveils Uniform Redesign And Flight Attendants Aren’t Happy

PUBLISHED: April 24, 2019

Change is supposed to be a good thing. Well, flight attendants for United Airlines don’t seem to think so. That is, when it comes to their uniforms.

Following in the footsteps of American and Delta Airlines, United flight attendants, pilots, and other airline workers will be getting a different look with some new uniforms. So far, they aren’t too happy about it. Testing the uniforms out on random employees, a full rollout is scheduled for sometime next year. It looks like the new design is the complete opposite of what passengers are used to seeing today.

Photo courtesy of The Points Guy

Photo courtesy of The Points Guy

The newer uniforms include fashionable outwear for both male and female attendants and a new color scheme, adding some purple. United released a statement about what the changes meant. “Our goal was to design and develop a more cohesive collection, that provides a seamless look across all of our work groups. By listening to employee feedback, our designers created a new look that captures a broad range of input and requests.”

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Some employees think the new look sets a precedent for other airlines and makes them stand out. “I think our new uniform designs will set us apart, the pieces are classic and functional,” an attendant from Houston said. “I think Tracy Reese & Brooks Brothers really did a good job listening to what we wanted within the company’s standards and putting their own flair on it. I cannot wait to rock the dresses!” Others think the airline didn’t take their feedback seriously, announcing their frustrations in a Facebook group. “I’m in agreement that they should lose the Captain Kangaroo stripes. I do like the men’s winter coat, however,” one employee said. “Butt ugly … those colors on the dress. Hideous!!”

Regardless of the feedback, United is still set on testing the uniforms with a group of close to 1,300 pilots, flight attendants, and customer service agents. The airline said that the released photos aren’t the final layout, so there is plenty of room for revisions.