Want To Workout On Vacay? These 5 U.S. Cities Offer A Ton Of Gyms And Fitness Classes
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Karsten Winegeart

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Karsten Winegeart

Want To Workout On Vacay? These 5 U.S. Cities Offer A Ton Of Gyms And Fitness Classes

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Jul 10, 2023

For some people, fitness is life, even while on vacation. The purpose of the trip may be to unwind, but that doesn’t mean they can’t set aside an hour or two for exercise.

Walking and swimming are pretty standard vacation activities, depending on where you are and the season. But for those who want the structured intensity of a HIIT, kickboxing, or Zumba class, five cities stand out that offer these and more.

New York City

From fitness venues to international restaurants, there isn’t much that New York City doesn’t have. For this reason, it can be difficult to narrow down choices.

There are a number of membership-based gyms like Equinox, Blink, and New York Sports Clubs. While you can get guest passes, it typically isn’t viable for non-members who are coming in from out of town.

If you want a fitness venue that has it all under one roof, from organized sports to an Olympic swimming pool, check out Asphalt Green. It has a location on the Upper East Side and Battery Park City.

Harlem Cycle is a great spin studio that centers The Culture. For a HIIT workout that will have you sore the next day (and feeling very accomplished), try Fhitting Room, which has more than one location. Tiger Schulman’s has been around a long time, and not only offers karate, but kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Please note that this has a membership structure, in which you are charged by the month. This is common for martial arts schools since the idea is to change your body through a structured schedule.

San Francisco

San Francisco is yet another exciting city for fitness buffs. Head to Barry’s in The Castro, where you go back and forth between doing intervals on the treadmill and doing weight and band work. The low, red lighting somewhat recalls a nightclub, and it has the music to match. Fun fact: Barry’s has locations all over the world.

Into the aerial arts? Pole + Dance Studio is the premiere space in the city for aerial studies. There are locations in Berkeley and Oakland as well.

How about Silent Disco Beach Yoga on Baker Beach? You’ll be provided with headphones playing music that’ll really get you to a calm place. Bring a sweatshirt as it gets kind of chilly by the Pacific.


The Secret Garden Pole Fitness Boutique is Black and woman-owned. It’s outside of the Atlanta metro area, so you’ll have to drive or book a taxi. All fitness levels and body types are embraced here, and you can take drop-in classes.

We can’t recommend The Vibe Ride in Midtown enough. This is a proudly Black-owned spin studio that resembles a nightclub with stationary bikes. Don’t expect the edited versions of songs, though. Part of the appeal is that you get to hear all the hip-hop and RnB hits while sweating buckets.

If you’re running a bit low on cash, a walk or a jog along The Beltline is a great option.

Los Angeles

There are all kinds of fitness classes in LA. Unleash your inner Ali at Gloveworx, boasting a truly state-of-the-art space. For those with a casual interest in boxing, try Rumble in West Hollywood. Not only are you throwing punches (at a bag, not another person), you’re doing resistance training.

For a fitness venue where egos are left at the door, try Hype Fitness. It offers HIIT, hybrid classes, and even themed classes featuring 80s and trap music.


Beto Perez, the founder of Zumba, first started teaching his hybrid dance/workout classes in Miami in 2001. He quickly picked up a steady following and Zumba became an international fitness craze.

There are many Zumba classes not just in Miami, but across Florida. They appeal to people who want to work out without feeling like they are. Zumba classes are required to have mostly a Latin base, but some instructors work in other genres like Afrobeats and pop.

Since you’re so close to the beach, why not try a surf class? SURF Miami Beach is family-owned, and even if you don’t become amazing at surfing right away, you’ll be able to say you tried something new.

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