recent Airbnb survey shows “living anywhere” is more popular than ever for Black and Hispanic communities, with 72 percent of Black nomads and 70 percent of Hispanic remote professionals having lived in at least one different location since 2020. This is compared to 64 percent of all remote professionals. 

A study looked at the top Airbnbs and locations topping ‘Live Anywhere’ wish lists for Black travelers. Here are the most popular Airbnbs for Black nomads for you to consider before dipping into that remote life:

1. Oceanfront Villa – Bodden Town, Cayman Islands

It seems that the Cayman Islands are high on the list of places for Black expats to set up base.

Enjoying oceanfront morning views at Sea Palm Villas is a lifestyle that is easy to fall for. With a pool, outdoor dining space and easy access to the beach, this property in Bodden Town is in high-demand.

2. Elegant Island Living – Nassau, Bahamas


Heading to the Bahamas? The go-to Airbnb for Black nomads hoping to stay long-term is this property listed as ‘Elegant Island Living’ in Nassau, Bahamas.

Not only is this Airbnb perfectly located, just 5 minutes to a lifestyle shopping center, it also has a garden and an ocean view.

3. Oceanfront Cavehouse - Santorini, Greece

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Looking for the perfect view while living in Greece. This apartment listed on Airbnb has it all. The oceanfront cave-house is a hit with Black expats looking for a different lived experience while in Santorini.

The apartment, which accommodates 2-3 people also comes with a private hot-tub.


4. Secluded Woodland Cabin - Sawcolts Village, Antigua

Photo by Chris Robert

Those looking for a quieter, more secluded Caribbean experience opted for the Secluded Woodland Cabin in Antigua. This property is a hit for those looking to indulge in off-grid life on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

The entire cabin is available and ranks highly for those who visit, mostly for its tranquility and valley view from the patio.

5. Villa Islander - The Bight, Caicos Islands, Turks and Caicos

Providenciales Turks and Caicos
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A designer villa with a luxury retreat vibe, near Coral Garden Beach-this is a slice of paradise that many are calling home. The Villa Islander is a top pick for Black nomads relocating to Turks and Caicos.


6. Seaside Bed & Breakfast - Cinque Terre, Italy

€1 Homes
Lorenzo Antonucci

Italy’s Cinque Terre is a popular spot for obvious and glorious reasons. It is no surprise then that this Airbnb listing tops the list for Black nomad wish lists.

If the seaview from the balcony isn’t enough, then the rustic backyard to enjoy the sunset will get you ready to book.

7. Croatian Coast Apartment - Dubrovnik, Croatia

Vis Islands |
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Located in southern Croatia, Dubrovnik is one of the most exciting regions for remote work and life. Black nomads are particularly feeling this trendy apartment in Croatia. It has that home away from home vibe with a view that simply can’t be topped.

Walkable distance to Old Town and boasting an incredible view of it, this is the favorite place to stay long-term in Dubrovnik.

8. Spacious 3 Bed/3 Bath Townhouse in Honolulu

Photo by Cosmin Serban

This townhouse in Honolulu is a sought after place to call home. With an abundance of space, the fully equipped Airbnb has everything you need for a long-term stay on the island.