When you want to throw yourself into a freshly baked dough, topped with premium tomato sauce, and ‘fior di latte mozzarella’ – there is only one place! The best pizza in the world is in Naples. Forget what you heard about New York pizza crust, or Chicago’s deep dish toppings, or even Rome’s tomato sauce- if you’re a pizza lover looking for that one mind blowing slice, head to Napoli (as Italians call it) and be forever changed.

Interestingly enough much like Americans battle which state has the best bbq, many cities in Italy like to claim they have the “migilorie,” aka the best pizza in the entire country. Mainly because after traveling to most of the major cities in Italia, there is no doubt that Naples takes the cake. Check out these 4 key eateries that will have you side-eyeing every single slice of pizza you’ve ever eaten:

L'antica Pizzeria de’ Michelle

L’Antica has been in business for over 150 years and has earned itself landmark status in the city of Naples. To call it a tourist attraction is an understatement, the locals and tourists alike line up to get a pie and a soft drink for at least a 30 – 40 minute wait.

Pizzeria Starita


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First established in 1901 as a winery, it didn’t become famous for its pizzas until the 1940’s when they originally served traditional Italian foods. I would recommend Starita for pizza lovers who enjoy a good crust on their personal pies. Starita also attracts tourists from all over the world, expect a 20 minute wait time without reservations on a normal weekday.

Da Attilio

Attilio Bacheti is a craftsman when it comes to pizza and at Da Attilio is where you can try some of his amazing innovations to the world of pizza. Also an expert in cheese and oils, Attilio continues to find a way to make his pizzas stand out from the rest.

Pizzaria La Notizia


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For foodies seeking a culinary experience when it comes to their pizza, Pizzaria La Notizia is the place to be. Also featured in the Michelin Guide as one of the must-see pizzerias in the world.