The United Kingdom is warning tourists of potential strikes by airport workers for the holidays.

London Heathrow Airport
Frank Augstein | AP

Strikes For All Transportation

Airport staff members are expected to walkout from December 23 to 26 and then on December 28 through New Year’s Eve.  The walk out is expected to impact services at all of U.K.’s major airports, such as London Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow. The government will send soldiers to help with passport control and staffing. They are expecting almost 3,000 workers will be going on strike for those days.

The U.K.’s interior minister, Suella Braverman, is warning travelers there could be “undeniable, serious disruption.”

Who will be affected?

All the airports involved expect a total of 10,072 flight arrivals, with over 2 million seats. One million of those seats will be headed to London Heathrow.

Mark Serwotka, the head of the Public and Commercial Services Union, says the government could prevent the strikes by giving the workers what they’re asking for. The list of demands includes a raise, job security, and no cuts to redundancy terms. Serwotka said some airport employees went to food banks to feed their families.

The rail workers in the U.K. have also announced they will be going on strike. From December 13 to 17, from 6 pm and on Christmas Eve until December 27. This will cause more than half of the railways to be shut down on those dates.

Industries Affected by Strike

London Escalator
Photo Credit: Tom Parsons

Railway executives have recommended people travel only if necessary. They also told riders to check in with the local network for status updates on routes. This could also affect travel are non-strike days since trains could potentially be at other destinations.

The hospitality industry is also expected to take a hit when these strikes occur. Restaurant and pub owners will see a lack of customers during the holiday season.

Since inflation is causing the price to rise, many workers feel they need to maintain their family’s needs. The unions are fighting for these workers to stand up for themselves and live another day.