Travel Gear With Futuristic Flair
Photo Credit: Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

Photo Credit: Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

Travel Gear With Futuristic Flair

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Travel Noire
Travel Noire Dec 8, 2022

Looking for some travel gear with futuristic flair? Not satisfied with the type of suitcase that everyone else has? Travel Noire’s got you covered!

When we pack for adventures, we must do so delicately. Every inch of real estate in our luggage must be carefully curated, and of course, you need to budget room for additional treasures to bring home.

But what if you’re not interested in having the same type of equipment that everyone else has? What if a simple black suitcase isn’t good enough for you? What if you’re interested in getting some travel gear with a futuristic flair?

Well, who could blame you?

Though we’re technically living in the age of The Jetsons, we’re not exactly there with flying cars, yet. (At least that’s what’s been claimed. But best not to let Elon Musk know!)

At our fingertips, we do have technology that helps make our travels more efficient, life-saving, and just all-around cooler. These styles are made to stand out and are just as different and unique as you are! And many of them are quite budget-friendly — so how can you go wrong?

So charge up your hoverboards and check out travel gear picks with ultra-modern and futuristic styles.

Universal Travel Adapter

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World travelers, never worry again if you’ll be able to charge your phone, laptop, and tablet all while using your hair dryer at the same time. This universal travel adapter can be used in more than 200 countries and charges six devices at once. You also won’t have to wait around too long — in fact, it gives iPhones and Samsung Galaxys a full charge in one hour, and a 13-inch MacBook Pro in two.


Toggle between the sliding buttons on the side to find the right prongs to plug into foreign outlets while you attach yours to the other side. And, you don’t have to stress about it shorting out with its auto-resetting fuse. 

Portable Battery Pack

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That moment of panic when you’re out and about, ready to capture that once-in-a-lifetime sunset, and suddenly you see the tiny slice of red indicating your phone’s quickly dying power supply? Never again with this portable battery pack featuring a built-in USB-C charging cable, micro USB cable, lightning cable, and USB outlets. Slim, sleek, and lightweight, it fits easily into your back or pocket for a long day of adventures, road trips, or plane rides. 


Lose the bulky cables and dated battery packs, you’ll enjoy up to three charges with this pocket-friendly energy lifesaver. 

Smart Water Bottle

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There are water bottles, and then there are smart water bottles, designed to be your best companion for making sure you’re reaching your H20 goals. This BPA-free, vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours without sweating, literally. 

Using LED sensors, the bottom glows to remind you to drink while tracking your water intake, all viewable via the app which also syncs with other fitness apps. Adjust your hydration levels, and customize the colors. Plus, with its built-in GPS tracker, you’ll never misplace it. The bottle also includes a rechargeable battery and cable, which holds a charge for up to two weeks.

Anti-Theft Hard Shell Travel Backpack

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If you needed a reason to toss out that frayed old Jansport with the broken zipper and hole in the pocket, this is it. Minimalist in style and built with high-density oxford material on the outside, this hardshell backpack is the perfect accessory for protecting your belongings on your next trip. But the real GOAT feature is the triple anti-theft design, with a double-layered TSA smart customs lock, and a hidden pocket in the back that safely guards your items. 

Inside, you’ll find plenty of space, with a roomy main compartment ideal for clothes, shoes, books, chargers, and toiletries while the separate padded, shock-absorbing laptop compartment can fit most devices up to 17.3 inches.

Makeup Case with LED Mirror

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Few things hit like the dreaded feeling of opening the door to your Air BnB or hotel to discover the lighting is . . . less than ideal. Now, good lighting can follow you wherever you are with this combination of makeup case and LED mirror. Inside the case, you can store brushes and tools for getting glammed up on the go.


The mirror itself can be easily recharged by USB and adjusts to three different angles. 45 light beads give you that perfect illumination for applying even foundation, contouring, and adding that flawless wing to your eyeliner.

Sleep Headphones

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While it may look like your average headband, don’t be fooled by its clever disguise. This avant-guarde accessory serves as your newest ultra-thin set of headphones. Flat speakers designed to fit snugly into soft, stretchy fabric let you comfortably listen to music, white noise, audiobooks, and podcasts through a Bluetooth connection on your phone.


Enjoy the crystal-clear sound quality while laying down, relaxing on a plane, or even during a jog sesh exploring the town. Charge it in just two hours and jam to your favorite tunes for up to 12 hours. It’s easy to clean, too, simply remove the speakers and toss the headband in the wash.

Ray-Ban Smart Sunglasses

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Make every moment memorable with these stylish Ray-Ban Smart Sunglasses. No bulky headgear here, you’ll have the classic look of wayfarers offering UV protection and built-in 5-megapixel cameras that take high-quality photos and videos. 


Technology in the glasses automatically adjusts to the lighting around you and with a single tap on the touchpad, you can record, pause or change a song and adjust the volume of your music. It also responds to voice commands, so you can easily share your memories directly on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Charge your frames with the included portable charging case and capture up to 30 videos or 500 photos.

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