If you’re looking for the top locations to learn Spanish, we got you. In fact, not only have we looked up some of the best destinations in Latin America but we’ve also tailored it to the many experiences that Black travelers will enjoy. Learning is always better when you’re having fun and languages are no different!

Latin America is a popular region for learning Spanish, many Black travelers may even prefer its warmth and African roots/presence, making it feel like a relatable and safe traveling experience. In this article, we have put together some locations and the corresponding vibe. Zero excuse not to jump into that immersive learning experience. Which is the vibe for you?

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Colombia: Cartagena

Colombia's history
Jan Sochor

Black travelers looking to learn Spanish and indulge in Afro-Colombian culture are in luck. Cartagena is one of the top destinations in Colombia to learn or improve Spanish. Colombian Spanish is also highly recommended for learners because of its intonations and clarity. 

Typical day: Head to class in the morning, enjoy the afternoon by the beach and end the night at a street party getting to know Afro-Colombian music and street food— couldn’t get better. 

Mexico: San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas

Amara Amaryah

Mexican Spanish is a popular choice for many Spanish learners. San Cristóbal de las Casas is known for being a top destination in this huge and varied country. It offers learners a chance to enjoy classes at a budget price while indulging in the indigenous and welcoming streets of this special magic town. 

Typical day: Start the day with chocolate caliente and enjoy a fresh morning class in the mountains followed by a hike and a night of incredible live music. 

Guatemala: Lake Atitlán

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Anita Wing Lee | Unsplash

Guatemala is incredible and all of views to back it up. Lake Atitlán is a favourite destination to learn Spanish because of the sheer magnitude of classes available. San Pedro de la Laguna is known for having affordable and very successful Spanish schools. 

Typical day: Wake up lakeside and head to your class (hopefully overlooking the water). Afterwards, take a boat trip to a nearby town on the lake – Panajachel is always a cute shopping trip and San Juan is full of art. Finish up by renting a kayak for a perfect summer’s eve on the water. 

Costa Rica: Puerto Viejo

Posters of Puerto Viejo in Limon, Costa Rica.

A Central American favorite and truly a must-visit for Caribbean culture in Central America. Travelers looking to enjoy the best of the most Jamaican coastal town in Latin America will enjoy Puerto Viejo. Learners choose Puerto Viejo in all of Costa Rica because of the accessibility and charm of Puerto Viejo. While the hyper-tourist town may not be the best place to practice Spanish (as there are many English speakers), day trips to neighbouring towns such as Cahuita or even other parts the country will truly make up for it. 

Typical day: Enjoy your beachside class and then feast on typical Jamaican/Costa Rican fused meals such as patty, yuca and jerk dishes. Cycle through the jungle-fringed town before ending the day at Playa Cocles. 

Ecuador: Quito

Mike Matthews Photography/ Getty Images

Traveling to Quito is sure to be a feast for the eyes. We recommend learning Spanish in Ecuador because it is one of the countries in Latin America known for having an easy to understand Spanish dialect. Not only that, but traveling around the country is full of surprises. From Esmeraldas to Galapagos islands, there is much to get excited about.

Typical day: First thing’s first, take it easy and enjoy the magic of Quito before practising rolling those r’s in class. Enjoy a day in Old Town with fellow classmates. This is the place to people-watch with a handful of good food. Walking through the markets to enjoy some of the best food scene in the region is not a bad way to spend the day at all. 

Chile: Santiago

Bellavista is a district of Santiago famous for its eateries and night life.

Heading to Chile to learn Spanish is a good idea not only because the country is dreamily surreal, but because the language schools are renowned too. Santiago especially is an international city that Black travelers will appreciate. If you’re considering learning Spanish in Santiago, remember that Chilean Spanish is notably faster and harder to understand than other countries but, will definitely leave you feeling accomplished once you master it. 

Typical day: Learning Spanish in a busy, sophisticated though picturesque city is an unbeatable combination. After class, head to check out the growing art scene, enjoy one of the many local and international eateries and let your evening stroll lead you to some of South America’s most impressive night life spots. That is to say, it’s only right that you flex your Spanish while in the thick of the party – practice makes perfect!