Sometimes, group trips don’t pan out the way you expect and you have to vacation alone. Other times, solitude is just the vibe and a solo getaway is exactly what you need. Either way, everyone deserves to experience a solo trip at least once in their life. 

According to Google Trend data, solo travel was up by 761 percent in 2021. More people are taking the risk and traveling by themselves. Often considered taboo back in the day, the time of fearing exploring the world alone is now long gone. 

There are many blogs with suggestions on how to plan the perfect solo getaway. However, it can be overwhelming to decipher so much information when you’ve never traveled alone before. To help you make the best of your next trip, here’s the TN road map for planning the perfect solo getaway.

solo getaway
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Checking the travel trends when planning a solo getaway can help you avoid many pitfalls. You never know what might be happening in certain destinations. The weather may be better during certain times of year or there may be travel advisories for some countries you’re interested in visiting.

A destination may also have a terrible tourist rating or even limited accommodations and excursions you may be interested in. To avoid heading to the wrong destination alone, research travel trends beforehand. 

Choose A Destination That’s Best For You

The nice thing about traveling alone is you get to plan your trip your way. While you’re researching travel trends, start jotting down a short list of destinations you’d like to visit. This will also help you to start figuring out your vacation budget once you know where you’re going. Remember, you’re not limited because you’re traveling alone. 

Get Travel Insurance 

Depending on what type of insurance you purchase, travel insurance covers you in case something happens that keeps you from going on your trip. Life is unpredictable. Even though you’re traveling alone, you should still get travel insurance for a solo getaway. Some insurance plans even cover medical emergencies while you’re traveling. Do some research to see what package works best for you. 

Set Positive Intentions 

Solo trips are a great opportunity to be intentional with yourself and your time. Before heading on vacation, make a list of intentions you have for your trip. This can include anything from getting rest to intentionally not working while you’re out of town. Whatever your intentions are, just make sure they are tailored and catered to you and your needs. 

Pack Light 

Traveling alone means that you’re the only one available to carry your bags. This is not the time for multiple checked bags. Instead, try being more efficient with your packing and only take what you need. Rolling clothing items up is also a good way to save space in your bag to fit more in.