Tips On How To Get Free Wi-Fi On Your Next Flight
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Photo Credit: TN

Tips On How To Get Free Wi-Fi On Your Next Flight

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Dec 6, 2022

Securing free Wi-Fi on your next flight might be even easier than you expected. Whether you’re looking to stay connected for comfort or get some work done, free Wi-Fi is always handy. For many, the number question is: what are the easiest ways to achieve this?

In this Travel Noire article, we will highlight the top four ways you can stay connected while flying. We share how to secure your Wi-Fi needs without having to splurge.

Here are four simple ways to get free Wi-Fi on your next fight (you’re welcome)

T-Mobile customer benefits

T-Mobile or Sprint customers may have struck gold in terms of gaining access to coveted, uncomplicated access to free Wi-Fi while flying. Those with an active Magenta MAX or Magenta plan are particularly in luck. Travelers  with Magenta MAX (or Sprint MAX, Unlimited Plus or Premium) plans can score unlimited in-flight text messaging, streaming and Wi-Fi on select Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines flights that offer Gogo in-flight internet service, and certain United Airlines aircraft equipped with Viasat or Thales technology.

More than this, travelers with Magenta, Simple Choice, Select Choice, ONE, T-Mobile pre-paid plans, as well as several Sprint plans — Sprint ONE, Unlimited Freedom, Everything Data Share, Sprint Unlimited, Affordable Choice and Unlimited Savings, among others — are eligible to receive complimentary in-flight texting as well as Wi-Fi and streaming on four flights per year, plus one hour of in-flight Wi-Fi and streaming on additional flights.

Know your credit card perks

This is an easy one that many overlook.

Knowing your credit card plan inside out might reveal your eligibility to be reimbursed for Wi-Fi charges. Some credit cards that offer this and are worth keeping tabs on are: Alaska Airline Credit Card, United Explorer Crd, CitiBusiness and AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard.

Fly in premium class or maintain elite status

Booking business or first-class seats may be one way to avoid paying charges for Wi-Fi. Alternatively, maintaining an elite status with certain airlines guarantees complimentary messaging and Wi-Fi access.

Keep in mind though, that the amount and limitations vary from airline to airline.

Get to know which airlines offer complimentary Wi-Fi

Within the U.S., several airlines offer options to help fliers connect to the Wi-Fi with ease. For one, JetBlue is the sole U.S. carrier to offer complimentary Wi-Fi to all passengers on all its flights, regardless of loyalty program membership, status or route. Similarly, United Airlines allows fliers to redeem 1,600 United miles  instead of paying the usual $8 fee for in-flight Wi-Fi ($10 for non-members) through the MileagePlus loyalty program. Several other airlines within and beyond thee U.S. offer perks in this way for fliers invested in loyalty programs.

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