A Black-owned hospitality brand has acquired all 21 Donatos Pizza restaurants in the Indianapolis market. 

Ron Jordan, founder, and CEO of Jordan Hospitality Group (JHG) is now the largest traditional franchise partner and largest minority-owned franchisee, the pizza giant stated in a news release.

Jordan, who also owns Hen Quarter in the Columbus area, was reportedly able to secure the acquisition with help from 22 Ventures, a private investment firm co-founded by former NBA player Michael Redd.

“We’re on a mission to be one of the exceptional players in experiential dining,”  Jordan stated in a news release. “But it’s more than just building restaurants. We’re creating experiences that thrill our guests.”

Jordan says that a lot of his hustle and ambition comes from a promise he made to his grandparents to build generational wealth for his family.

“It is especially rewarding to have the opportunity to do this through a company in Donatos that I have loved since childhood,” he adds.

Jordan is also passionate about building generational wealth for other families that look like him, which is why he decided to partner with 22 Ventures.

“[Redd] wants to see other Black and brown businesses succeed,” Jordan told The Columbus Dispatch “I want the same thing. I want there to be an opportunity for those who don’t always get access to capital and so many other things. It’s more than just a strategic economic vision in terms of our businesses being aligned. It’s a true passion and friendship.”

We expect this only to be the beginning for JHG as Jordan is on a mission to create hospitality brands across the country that people recognize as community staples.

“We judiciously and deliciously build brands in cities loved by locals and travelers alike, and serve as the go-to destination for connecting, celebrating, and gathering,” a statement reads on the website.