Santiago, Chile Restaurants: Best Local Cuisine
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Santiago, Chile Restaurants: Best Local Cuisine

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Travel Noire Jan 31, 2019

Traditional Chilean food is one of the best things you can ever put in your mouth. Although it is said that most of the Chilean food is borrowed from European heritage, Chile has managed to formulate a unique recipe that makes their traditional delicacies more distinct. While in Santiago, Chile you might want to make sure that you eat some of the typical food here.

If you don’t know where to start your search then here are some of the most typical traditional Chilean dishes you are most likely to find in most local restaurants.


These are tasty dough pastries that are filled with delicious cheese, seafood, olive oil, and onion. One bite of this mouthwatering dish is enough to make your mouth feel as if it is exploring a new taste for the first time. Being one of the most highly rated traditional foods, most locals take pride in serving homemade empanadas to their guests. One of the secrets of making the perfect Empanadas is preparing the filling the night before.


Humitas is another type of food that you are most likely to find in Santiago, Chile. The meal is prepared using boiled flour and cornmeal. Other ingredients like onion, basil and ground paprika are added during preparation to add a distinct flavor. After stuffing all the necessary ingredients inside corn husks, it is then tied with thread and boiled.

Pastel de Choclo

This is a blend of sweet and savory corn pudding. Prepared using ground beef, olives, onions, hard-boiled eggs and raisins, Pastel de Choclo is of the most refreshing tasting traditional Chilean food. You are most likely to find this particular dish in local restaurants. A bite into this incredible pudding will take a little time before your mind can forget the taste.


If you are a lover of hot dogs, then you will find Complentos more preferable when in Santiago. This Chilean version of hot dogs is served with sausage, sauerkraut, tomato, and excess mayonnaise. You can also add on some onions if you want and it is best served with a drink to sink the delicious meal. You are most likely to find vendors selling Complentos in the streets, and the best part is you can decide what you want inside your Complento.


This is a common type of seafood in Santiago. Being one of the longest known Chilean foods, the dish is prepared using raw fish which is marinated in citric juices. It is usually served with olive oil, onions, cumin, cilantro, and sautéed garlic. You should also know that shrimp Ceviche is an alternative if you are more interested in something different.

Exploring the traditional dishes is one of the must do things when touring Santiago. Tourists find it quite interesting to eat local delicacies when they visit new places because the food is a vital part of any culture and history. The best thing about local restaurants in Santiago is that they value their traditional recipes and are ready to share it with visitors.

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