When most people think of family-friendly destinations in the United States, the first place that comes to mind is Orlando, Florida.

And for good reason.

The area is home to tons of theme parks and attractions, including the beloved Disney World, where everyone can let their inner kid play. But, sometimes you want to try something outside the norm.

Family-friendly destinations can be hard to come by. It’s not often that you can travel to a place where everyone— from the youngest to the most seasoned— will all have a great time.

But, that’s what we are here for.

If you are looking for new ideas on places your entire family can enjoy, we’ve compiled this list just for you. And yes, it is Black traveler friendly and approved!

1. San Diego

Photo by Andres Garcia

Several Black travelers in the Black Travel Movement group suggested San Diego in a close second to Orlando. They mentioned the city’s expansive zoos, Sea World, Belmont Park, as well as a Lego Land. Oh, and there are beaches, too.

2. Las Vegas


Most adults wouldn’t associate a place nicknamed ‘Sin City’ as a place that’s kid/ family-friendly. But, we’re here to dispel that myth.

According to traveler Tach Joyner, there are lots of attractions for the fam including: Cowabunga Bay water park, the indoor amusement park at Circus Circus, Heads Up selfie museum, Ziplining on Freemont Street, and Game Works which is similar to Dave and Buster’s.

3. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Photo by @amybethreed

If you live on the East Coast, you likely already knew about this family-friendly destination. Gatlinburg is a fun mountain town that has an indoor water park, a mountain coaster, and more. Also, longtime theme park Dollywood is nearby, too.

4. Tampa

Unsplash | Chalo Garcia

This Florida city has a little something for all ages. For the kids specifically, there’s Tampa Zoo, Busch Gardens, St. Pete beach and the Lagoon.

You can also check out our Black-owned Tampa list here.

5. Atlanta


Getty Images

Just listed as one of the most promising destinations of 2022, Atlanta also has lots of interactive attractions that the entire family will love.

Travelers mentioned long time spots: Coca-Cola factory, CNN, The Atlanta Aquarium and Centennial Park. Some newer IG-worthy places are: Lego Land and Candytopia when it pops up in the city.