You can grab a cold beer in any US city. However, a few of them make an icy brew on a cool night out with friends a little sweeter. HomeToGo has mapped out your next beer-tastic vacation by identifying the 17 best cities for beer lovers

There are so many options when it comes to a good beer. Some might opt for a crisp IPA while others go for a more malty brew. Either way, these 17 destinations are the best places to visit if you’re looking for a cold one. From some of the best breweries in the country to the most exciting bar scenes, these places are where you need to be if beer is your favorite beverage.

1. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago topped HomeToGo’s list of the best cities for beer lovers. The Windy City has 106 bars. It also has 50 breweries and popping bar scenes around the city. Chicago nightlife is super diverse. So if you find yourself bar hopping there, be sure to visit Wicker Park, Logan Square, and Wrigleyville.

2. Portland, Oregon

Portland comes in second on the list with 65 bars throughout the city. An eclectic and satisfying bar scene, Portland is an underrated travel gem. The city has 52 breweries and travelers love their themed bar venues. Portland has speakeasies and rooftop bars, so there’s a vibe for every type of beer lover. 

3. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Back in the Midwest, Milwaukee is the third-best city for beer lovers. The city comes in on the low end with 26 bars. But with a crazy, high-energy bar scene, the city is a beer-lover favorite. Milwaukee has 30 breweries and the city agrees on their favorite area to frequent for a cold beer. Voted Milwaukee’s best bar district five years in a row, Bay View is home to a slew of fine establishments serving up delicious malts. Bars like Palomino, Sugar Maple, and Tonic Tavern keep the party going and the beer flowing all night long. 

4. Denver, Colorado

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There’s never a dull moment exploring Denver’s extensive bar scene. The city comes in at number four and has 34 bars and 52 breweries. Travelers will always find a good beer while out on the town in Denver. Even if you’re not downtown, there are plenty of bars, lounges, and speakeasies to poke your head into and find a draft. 

5. Seattle, Washington

You definitely want to get dressed up and grab a beer in the Emerald City. Seattle is a beautiful city and its bar scene is just as alluring. The city has 82 bars scattered around its streets. There are also 50 breweries and a slew of neighborhoods where the beer flows cold. The best neighborhoods in Seattle for bar hopping are Capitol Hill, Belltown, and the city’s downtown district. 

6. New York, New York

Of course, New York found itself in beer lovers’ top 10 favorite cities. New York has 116 bars, more than any other city on the list. It on has 13 breweries. But who needs breweries when the entire city is a party? New York bars offer up some of the juiciest beers in the state. Some travelers’ favorite bars for the best beer in NYC are The Grand Delancey, Harlem Hops, and Milks & Hops Chelsea. Despite making the list, New York also has the most expensive beer at an average of $8. 

7. Asheville, North Carolina

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Asheville is known as Foodtopia and has a wide variety of restaurants and bars that’ll keep travelers busy for days. At number seven on HomeToGo’s list, the North Carolina city has a slew of rooftop bars. Places like The Social Lounge, Hemingways, and Capella on 9 allow travelers to enjoy a good IPA under the stars. The city has 16 bars and 27 breweries. A beer is only four bucks in Asheville, so you can grab a cold one for the low. 

8. Austin, Texas

Texas is a beer lovers’ dream, and Austin squeezed into the top 10 best cities for beer lovers. Austin is an amazing place full of excitement and life. So it’s no surprise it made the list. The city has 36 bars and 55 breweries. Its downtown is full of musical watering holes, speakeasies, and rooftop bars pouring droughts and serving Budweiser. Austin also is home to many festivals throughout the year, including SXSW, so beer lovers can party and indulge at the same time. 

9. Tampa, Florida

Tampa has another high-energy nightlife scene that thrives on good music and vibes. The city has 21 bars and a beer there only costs $6. With 19 breweries and a host of diverse neighborhoods pouring beer throughout the night, Tampa is a beer lovers’ dream in Florida.

10. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Myrtle Beach comes alive at night time and you’re sure to get a taste of bar hopping in Low Country. The city doesn’t have a ton of bars or breweries but the beachfront vibes and cold brews make Myrtle Beach a real treat. A beer only cost $4.12 here and the best bars to grab a beer are the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant and the Atlas Tap House. 

11. San Diego, California

Sitting right outside of the top 10, San Diego has a lively, funky nightlife scene worth visiting if you’re ever on the West Coast. The city has 46 bars and 51 breweries with restaurants that come alive after dark. The best place for nightlife and bars in San Diego is Gaslamp Quarter. Spread over 16 blocks, Gaslamp Quarter has 180 restaurants, 10 nightclubs, and over 40 bars to check out. The best spots for craft beer in San Diego are the Blind Lady Ale House, Neighborhood, and Urge Gastropub. 

12. Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach only has four bars and two breweries but the city is full of life and wonder that attracts beer lovers from around the country. A beer here only costs $4.50, so it’s a little cheaper than in other cities. When it comes to grabbing the best cold brew in the city, the best spots in Daytona Beach are Daytona Taproom, Seabreeze Tap House, and McK’s Tavern. 

13. Charleston, South Carolina

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Although Charleston only has eight bars, the city has over 20 breweries pumping out some of the juiciest beer in the south. Five bucks is enough loot to buy a beer in Charleston and downtown seems to be the place to be if you want to purchase a bottle. Favorite bars for beer-loving travelers visiting Charleston are Recovery Room Tavern, Mynt, and the Roof Top at the Vendue Inn.

14. Birmingham, Alabama

Like Charleston, Birmingham doesn’t have a ton of bars. However, beer lovers still find comfort in a good, cold beer in the Alabama city. Birmingham’s downtown is the best option when it comes to nightlife and bars. The best joints for good craft beer in the city include Good People Brewing, Cahaba Brewing, and Hop City Birmingham. 

15. Portland, Maine

Bar hopping in Maine is always a good time and Portland is no exception. The city only has nine bars but they make up for it with 21 breweries spread across Portland. A few local favorites for a good IPA or malt include Regards, Woodford Food & Beverage, Novare Res Bier Cafe, and Crisp Gai. 

16. Boston, Massachusetts

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America’s founding fathers were drinking beer in Boston long before the city became a hotspot for beer lovers. With its 21 bars and 11 breweries, Boston made its way into HomeToGo’s top 17 best cities for beer lovers. The bar that inspired the hit television show Cheers is located in Boston, so it’s only right it made the list. 

17. Key West, Florida

Key West lands at the bottom of HomeToGo’s list of the 17 best cities for beer lovers. The city is a fantastic destination for nightlife and the bars are just as exciting. The city only has five bars and three breweries but you have to remember Key West is a small place. The most famous bar in Key West is the Sloppy Joe. The favorite bar of classic American writer Ernest Hemingway, this bar has been serving travelers for decades while providing quality entertainment and music until 2 a.m. 

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