Winter, spring, summer, or fall – every season has something to love.

From skiing in the snow to riding ATVs in the desert, the world and its elements offer time and space for humans to connect back to nature. However, if you need just a bit of guidance to make your next adventure the lit experience it’s supposed to be, we got you!

Walmart’s Black and Unlimited collection has your back with brands that will make your next adventure swaggy and practical. And we’ve got you covered with activities that will guarantee the trip always makes it out the group chat.

Let’s explore four Black-owned companies working to be your personal travel concierge for outdoor exploration.

Urban Events Global

Founded by Kevin Knight, Urban Events Global (UEG) is a full-service travel company that provides inclusive experiences for adventure-seeking Black professionals. Through uniquely curated events with like-minded professionals, UEG has something for everyone, whether it’s your college squad or a group of 2,000.

Sweat and Sunshine

Health and wellness are a priority for many. Sweat and Sunshine’s work is centered on making outside activity more than a vibe, but a holistic wellness experience for all involved. Their crafted hikes encourage those to be outside but also tap into the many benefits of sunshine.

Warthen RV Park

Black people own RVs too, and this group has 27 acres, 12 tent sites, and 50 hook-up stations for people to plug into and connect. Warthen is a park where people can set up shop for a quick night or an entire month to relax and kick back.

Black Girls Do Bikes

It’s in the name. Want to elevate your bike riding experience? Grab your gear and water bottle, curate that playlist that will turn you up, and hit the trail with Black Girls Do Bikes. With 99 chapters across the country, there are several opportunities for Black women to come together and join an organized bike ride.

Black people and nature belong together, and these groups are just several that are determined that you have options for your next adventure. So stop second-guessing it. Grab your crew and meet us outside.