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Henrietta Lacks' Hometown Honors Legacy With New Statue

Roanoke, Virginia will soon honor the legacy of Henrietta Lacks with a bronze statue. Lacks,...

Simone Cherí Dec 21, 2022
Mother-Daughter Duo On Quest To Open Black-Owned Grocery Store In Richmond, Virginia

Renee Thompson Truehart and Tyra Gallagher are on a quest to open a Black-owned grocery store in...

Mitti Hicks Dec 7, 2020
Virginia Radio Hosts Launch Black-Owned CBD Company With Huge Success

Burning Bush Oils is the latest black-owned CBD start-up to step onto the scene.  Founded by...

Leah Freeman-Haskin Jun 2, 2020
Prioritize Self- Care Courtesy Of These Black-Owned Luxury Spas Across The U.S.

In our fast-paced and unforgiving world, self-care should be a priority.There are a number of...

Leah Freeman-Haskin Dec 13, 2019
This New Exhibit Pays Homage To Thousands Of Black Soldiers Forgotten In History

We’ve all gone through a history class at some point in our life. During said class or classes,...

DeAnna Taylor Jul 4, 2019