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Flint, Michigan Residents Report High Rates Of Depression and PTSD 5 Years After Water Crisis

This week, data from the largest mental health survey of the Flint, Michigan community revealed...

Esthefany Castillo Sep 22, 2022
These Are The 25 Most Neighborly Cities In The U.S.

Living in a city or town with pleasant people can make or break your experience. Neighbor.com...

Kelsey Marie Oct 7, 2020
Metro Detroit's First Weed Dispensary Is Black-Owned

Nearly two months after marijuana was legalized for recreational use in the state of Michigan,...

Mitti Hicks Feb 4, 2020
Detroit Restaurant Is Serving Lessons In Black History With Their 'Shoebox Lunches'

A dish from Beans & Cornbread , a soul food restaurant outside of Detroit, is served with a piece...

Mitti Hicks Aug 2, 2019