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Galentine's Day: 5 Destinations For Black Women Under $400 Round-Trip

February is truly the month of love, which includes relationships with your girls. Celebrated on...

Mitti Hicks Jan 24, 2023
Blowout Tide Empties Tampa Bay Before Hurricane

An Instagram reel going viral is showing what happens when the tide heads in the opposite...

Jasmine Osby Sep 29, 2022
Meet The Plus-Sized Influencer Behind Everyone's Favorite Viral PTO Video

Meet Darneshia King, the 31-year-old plus-sized influencer behind the Black travel world’s...

Ayah A. Jun 2, 2021
Flying Into These 6 Airports Can Save You Major Money On Your Next Flight

As travel lovers, finding hacks to make our experience cheaper and easier comes in clutch when...

Kelsey Marie Jun 8, 2020
Frontier Airlines Plane Quarantined After Water Fountain Gets Passengers Sick

Six passengers out of the 226 passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight fell ill after drinking...

Sharelle Burt Jan 3, 2019