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Human Rights

Is Germany Facing Its Colonial History At Last?

It seems as though the day has come when Germany facing its colonial history is finally a...

Amara Amaryah Nov 30, 2022
New York To Pay $26 Million To Men Wrongly Convicted For Malcolm X Assassination

Justice has been served for two men in New York. They were forced to spend 56 years in prison for...

Brunno Braga Nov 1, 2022
$400-A-Night Times Square NYC Hotel Rooms To Be Used As Migrant Shelter

New York’s latest migrant shelter will take the shape of midtown Manhattan hotel, Row NYC. The...

Amara Amaryah Oct 18, 2022
Virgin Atlantic Employees Can Now Wear Whichever Uniform They Prefer, Regardless Of Gender

The staff of Virgin Atlantic can now choose which uniform they want to wear while working,...

Ayah A. Sep 29, 2022