Stylish Luggage Sets under $400 on Amazon
Photo Credit: Photo credit: American Green Travel

Photo Credit: Photo credit: American Green Travel

Stylish Luggage Sets under $400 on Amazon

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Patrice Williams
Patrice Williams Jul 17, 2023

A cohesive luggage set can up your airport style. These sets have a range of sizes that are perfect for all types of trips. Also, some luggage sets include items a weekender or toiletry bag.

Though the luggage is sold in sets, the colors and styles are far from boring. Some are available in bold, statement making hues that can be seen from a mile away at any luggage carousel. Others are more classic and have a timeless feel with neutral tones and reinforced features. Though they’re high in functionality and style, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

If you’re in the market for a luggage set, check out the options below.

Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set

For folks who love to stand out, try this set from Coolife. This particular three piece comes in a range of colors, including electric blue, forest green, orange, and pink. They also have a few neutral tones. Regardless of what you pick, the set includes 20, 24, and 28 inch suitcases made of durable, but lightweight material. Also, the 360 wheels will have you zooming through the airport. 

Travelers Club Midtown Luggage Set

For the light packers who still want a fly style, the Travelers Club luggage set is small but offers flexibility. The expandable compartments will come in handy if you plan on shopping once you reach your destination. That extra inch of space may seem minimal, but it’s pretty useful. Amazon customers consistently rate the bag well for having wheels that roll through the various surfaces at airports. In addition to the two suitcases, it comes with a tote that’s well structured and fits under your airline seat as a personal carry-on item. 

Melalenia Luggage 10 Piece Set

For under $200, you get an impressive 10 pieces in this luggage set. The 20, 24, and 28 inch suitcases are made of durable ABS material and have adjustable aluminum handles. The remaining seven pieces of the luggage set are all intended to help keep your gear organized and accessible. The storage bags vary in size and are perfect for separating your day and night clothes when packing or even keeping your wet swimsuit or shoes separate from clean items. Also, the included tote bag works great as a personal item or weekender bag. 

Samsonite Ascella X Softside Expandable Luggage Set

When you’re ready to really invest in your luggage and have a classic style, Samsonite can be a solid choice. People who prefer softside luggage love this two piece set for its reinforced zippers, sturdy handles, and expansion. The interior of the suitcases has cross compression straps and mesh compartments to keep smaller items organized. This isn’t one of these luggage sets that has a lot of colors or bells and whistles, but it’s classic and even comes with a 10-year warranty.

LUGGEX Carry On Luggage Sets 2 Piece

Durability is the name for this Luggex set that has aluminum corners on all sides to act as an extra barrier of protection from the dings and impact bags often take while in transit. The exterior has a textured design and even an anti-scratch layer. The 20 and 28 inch suitcases are the perfect checked or carry-on bags and the expandable feature fits up to 15 percent more space or two extra inches of room for your essentials. 

Coolife 5 Piece Luggage Set

What’s not to love about a luggage set that’s affordable, but still has a luxe look. This 5-piece set comes in black, navy, pink, or white and has contrasting stitching that gives such a classic, even vintage style. What really sets this luggage apart from the rest is that in addition to the actual suitcases (20, 24, and 28 inches), you also get a few extra items like a duffel and toiletry bag. The duffel is perfect for those weekend getaways or long beach vacations where you won’t be wearing much other than some fly, revealing swimsuits. 

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