Steve Harvey Became An Unofficial UAE Influencer And Gave Back In A Major Way
Photo Credit: Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Steve Harvey Became An Unofficial UAE Influencer And Gave Back In A Major Way

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jan 19, 2021

If you have checked any of comedian Steve Harvey’s social media pages over the last month or so, you will see that the star and his family took an extended vacation to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This wasn’t the talk show host’s first time to the area, but during this trip he partnered with a local videographer to create a series of “influencer” like Vlogs highlighting the Middle Eastern nation.

Harvey along with UAE-based videographer, Nas Daily, teamed up to create some original content that was informative and also quite entertaining.

In the first episode, Harvey took viewers to an area that many never think to explore while there, the area’s mountains.

“Yeah, the Middle East has got a lot of deserts,” Harvey said in the video. “But today, I want you to think of something different. I want you to change the image. I want you to think about mountains!”

He shows everything from beautiful mountainside waterfalls and emerald green waters where you can kayak, to bubble hotels and the world’s longest zip line.

So far, five episodes have released on Harvey’s and Daily’s Instagram pages. But the best video so far, is one in which Harvey shows us how to explore Dubai on a budget.

Dubai can be a very expensive city. It is known for some of the world’s most lavish cars and jewelry, as well as hotels that can easily run you $1,000 per night.

The pair shows us a side of the country that many never knew of, while Harvey also gave back to locals in a major way.

“Today I want to show you just how cheap Dubai can be,” Daily says at the beginning of the video. “Not many people know this but big cities can be very cheap if you find the right places.”

The two first go inside a perfumery, where we learn that you can get your own custom-made scent for as little as $8. Next they head to 5-star hotel, Park Regis, to show us a spacious room with a view of the skyline for only $44 per night. Did we mention the hotel also has a rooftop pool?

Near the end of the episode, Harvey and his entire team go inside a local restaurant that is known to be a hotspot for taxi drivers. This eatery serves authentic Pakistani cuisine, and an entire meal will only cost $2.70. The meal includes tea, bread, a spicy main dish, and a small dessert.

Just before leaving the restaurant, Harvey pays for the next 1,000 taxi drivers’ meals.

“Most taxi drivers eat here all the time,” Harvey said. “COVID-19 has hit them pretty hard, so we wanted to do something nice.”

You can check out all the videos via Harvey’s Instagram page.


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