Social Media Stans Flight Attendant Who Exposed Dirty Airline Practices
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Social Media Stans Flight Attendant Who Exposed Dirty Airline Practices

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jan 28, 2020

Social media is [still] stanning a flight attendant, who exposed the airline industry’s dirty practices.

During an interview with Inside Edition back in September, Jamila Hardwick revealed that she and her colleagues never order warm beverages when they fly because of the possibility of germs.

“The thing about the coffee and tea, the pipes are rarely cleaned,” she said. 

According to the report, airlines are only required to flush and disinfect the water tanks four times a year.

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Hardwick also revealed another tip about those blankets and pillows: bring your own.

“These get washed, but we are not so sure how great they are washed. Same for the pillow. They will take the lining off the pillow and give you a new one but you still have the pillow in there that’s dirty,” she said. 

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And if supermodel and style icon Naomi Campbell needed any more validation for her pre-flight airport routine of sanitizing the aircraft before she takes off, Hardwick confirmed that surfaces like tray tables are among the dirtiest places.

“When cleaners come on, they don’t have time to clean every individual tray so it’s just best to bring your own [wet wipes],” she added.

Social Media Response

“Sis is snitching, snitching,” one Twitter user said.

“We have no choice but to stan,” said another.

“I feel like she really just did her job as a flight attendant lol their job is to make your flight as comfortable as possible. You definitely ain’t gone be comfortable if you have dysentery from the coffee and coronavirus from the trays,” another Twitter user added.

But wait, there’s more. 

Hear more about why you shouldn’t request Diet Coke or never ask the flight attendant to help store your luggage in the overhead bins in the video below:

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