Smaller cities in the United States are seeing the most airfare increases, according to a new report by The report analyzed 128 million airfares in cities around the U.S. during the month of April.

Fare increase depends on the destination. For example, fares rose by 14% at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, but at Dayton International Airport, fares rose by 42%.

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United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby shares that the airline was flying “dramatically fewer regional jets than in 2019, and we don’t expect that to improve at all in the next few years.” American Airlines also has cut several routes, mostly in smaller markets.

In addition to routes being cut, pilot shortages have resulted in schedule changes. All of the major airline carriers in the U.S. have expressed their challenges in hiring pilots. 

So how much will you be paying for a domestic flight in 2022?

According to’s data, the lowest domestic airfare has increased by 26% since 2021. People have started flying for leisure again since the pandemic, resulting in rising fares.

Bigger cities are seeing smaller increases, while smaller cities are seeing high increases.

Which cities saw the biggest increase in airfare?

The cities with smaller airports saw the biggest increases in airfare. Although larger cities saw increases in prices, they weren’t as drastic. 

Dayton, Ohio has the biggest increase. Cox-Dayton International Airport is located 10 miles outside of Dayton and services about 1 million passengers a year. 

Domestic flights through Dayton are 42% more than they were in 2021.

The cities with the biggest increase in airfare in 2022:

Dayton, Ohio – 42%

Greensboro, North Carolina – 38%

Flint, Michigan – 38%

Des Moines, Iowa – 36%

Spokane, Washington – 35%

West Palm Beach, Florida – 34%

Little Rock, Arkansas – 34%

Cincinnati, Ohio – 34%

Akron, Ohio – 34%

Grand Rapids, Michigan – 33%

Why are smaller cities having larger fare increases?

Smaller airports have fewer flights, therefore the demand is greater. An increase in prices happens when scarcity meets demand. 

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The cities with the smallest increase in airfare in 2022:

Manchester-Boston Regional – 14%

Houston, Texas – 15%

San Juan, Puerto Rico – 16%

New York/Newark – 17%

San Francisco, California – 17%

Boston, Massachusetts – 19%

Washington, D.C. – 19%

Chicago, Illinois – 20%

Tampa, Florida – 20%

Denver, Colorado – 22%

How can you avoid increases in airfare?

Try to book flights as early as possible to avoid high airfares. If you live in a smaller market, try driving to a larger airport for cheaper airfare.