June marks the start of Safari season, so knowing what to pack for your first Safari is essential.

South Africa, Rwanda and Kenya are key spots with some promising African Safari goodness to enjoy. There are some must-pack items for your trip that you don’t want to leave at home. Keep this list handy for your next game drive through the African safari of dreams. Grab the binoculars and indulge in your adventure!

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1. Comfortable walking shoes

Safari experts will be the first to say it: correct footwear really saves the Safari trip. The key is to strike the balance between being comfortable, cute and not too hard to clean. Try these ankle hiking boots to get you started.

2. Windbreaker/fleece

A windbreaker or a fleece is always a good idea, particularly during the gorgeous night game drives. We recommend this khaki- colored fleece, it gets bonus points for being earth-toned.

3. Sun care products

You deserve to glow while cruising through your African safari. To ensure your shine doesn’t escalate to a burn, we recommend an incredibly protective SPF moisturizer. Check out Naomi Osaka’s range, KINLÒ, lovingly created with melanin in mind and recently released in Walmart. The Golden Rays Sunscreen SPF 50+ Melanated Tint is sure to help you safely enjoy a sun-soaked day out.

4. Insect Repellant

Say no more, there is nothing cute about a long safari ride with pure insect bites. Save yourself the hassle and invest in some good insect repellant. This Bug Be Gone eco-friendly, natural repellent is Black-owned and sure to be your trusty companion the entire trip.

5. Sun hat/ cap

Keep cool while you enjoy the limitless Safari views. Picking out a good hat will keep you shaded and keep the sun out of your eyes so you don’t miss a thing. We found this one which is perfect for keeping you fresh for the entire day.

6. A cute duffel bag

Don’t head out without this one; from a selection of cameras to your favorite perfume scent, there will be things worth throwing into a duffel bag to maximize the moment. A cute duffel bag should be all you need for a day-out taking in the excitement of your very first African Safari. Keep your essentials close in this classic nylon Away duffel.