Ryanair Passenger Left Shocked After Arriving In Portugal Rather Than Spain
Photo Credit: @DimaBerlin via Twenty20

Photo Credit: @DimaBerlin via Twenty20

Ryanair Passenger Left Shocked After Arriving In Portugal Rather Than Spain

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Sep 19, 2022

One Ryanair passenger took to social media to share a part amusing, part frustrating story of the elongated journey to Faro. Barry Masterson boarded the flight to Faro, Portugal only to arrive in Malaga, Spain. This undeclared change in route left everyone on the flight truly stunned.

The unexpected change in landing led to a host of other changes until the Ryanair passenger eventually arrived in Portugal. Masterson recounted the entire event through a Twitter thread.

With the flight already leaving from Dublin delayed, the flight arriving in the wrong country left the internet shocked.

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The tweet that started it all:

In the hilarious Twitter thread, Masterson outlines his journey from landing in Malaga through to eventually arriving in Faro.

When he boarded the flight from Dublin, he had no idea that a 5-hour bus to Faro was what was waiting for him. Ryanair put passengers on numerous buses to arrive in Faro as planned. According to his Twitter thread, passengers were mostly left in the dark about the reasoning: “Flight staff are trying to calm the crowd with the promise of the mystery box of answers that someone else will provide when we get in the airport” Materson tweeted.

Confusion in the air:

Being left in the dark for so long, Materson and other passengers had a guess at why they were flown to Spain instead of Portugal.

“A couple of people are asking, so our best assumption is that @Ryanair knew we could never land in Faro because our flight was delayed so long the Airport would be closed before we made it. So they lied and flew us to Spain so they wouldn’t have to refund everyone” read one tweet.

In a statement to DublinLive, a Ryanair spokesperson said that the disruption had been caused by strikes in French Air Traffic Control.

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