IDEMIA, the enrollment provider for TSA PreCheck, has decreased the fee for enrollment and in-person renewals.

As stated in a press release, instead of $85, the fee is now set at $78. The fee for online renewals remains $70. Once approved, participants are enrolled in the program for five years, after which they must renew their membership.

More on TSA

TSA PreCheck is one of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Trusted Traveler Programs that offer expedited security screening at the airport for low-risk travelers. Risk level is determined through a security threat assessment TSA conducts using biographic and biometric information individuals provide.

As part of the expedited security screening, travelers enrolled in TSA PreCheck use designated screening lanes that move faster. They do not have to remove their shoes, belts, and jackets, and electronics and 3-1-1 compliant liquids can remain in their carry-on bags.

These factors drastically reduce wait times. In fact, this September, 93% of travelers enrolled in TSA PreCheck waited at airport security checkpoints less than five minutes.

Price drop for the holidays

“For individuals and families with plans to fly this holiday season, now is the time to enroll or renew in TSA PreCheck. TSA PreCheck offers significant benefits to those who meet its enrollment standards – less physical contact, fewer items on the conveyor belt and faster screening,” said David Pekoske, TSA Administrator.

There are more than 500 enrollment centers around the country. After attending an in-person enrollment appointment, the majority of applicants will receive their Known Traveler Number (KTN) in three to five days. This number must be added to flight reservations to enjoy the benefits of TSA PreCheck while traveling.

Individuals can enroll in the program online at When enrolling or renewing, always be sure you are using an official .gov site and not a fraudulent or third-party website that charges extra fees.