WTTC Ranks Paris As Most Powerful Tourism City In The World
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pixabay

WTTC Ranks Paris As Most Powerful Tourism City In The World

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Feb 2, 2023

What is the world’s most powerful tourism city? The answer may surprise you.

The World Travel & Tourism Council has once again released its list of the most powerful cities for tourism this year. At the top was the city for lovers: Paris. The list is based on the number of tourists that visited the city last year, and the revenue made across all businesses that directly pertain to each city’s travel and tourism industry.

What Is The World Travel & Tourism Council?

The WTTC is responsible for the global social and economic development of travel and tourism. Their mission is to advance the travel and tourism industry by working alongside governments across the globe, as well as working with companies to develop more jobs and increase exports. The council comprises the world’s top CEOs, chairs, and presidents of businesses in the travel and tourism sector.

Established in 1990, the council was developed to give tourism an identity within the economics of countries worldwide. Before then, tourism wasn’t taken seriously as a contributor to the earnings of countries since the industry was fragmented across an array of business sectors.

For over 30 years, WTTC has brought awareness of the value of Travel & Tourism and enriching the lives of communities and travelers in every country. Here is everything you need to know about the powerful tourism city rankings.

Why Was Paris Ranked At The Top?

Known for its food, art and architecture, Paris is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. Usually, when people decide on what their first European destination will be, more than likely Paris ranks at the top of their list. Home to the Eiffel Tower, the love lock bridge, and some of the best pastries, it comes as no surprise Paris would shoot its way to the top powerful tourism city in the world.

While Paris is notorious for their fashion, the city remains on top due to the city’s financial investment in tourism. The local and national governments spend big bucks maintaining the interest of travelers. In 2022, the Paris tourism branch made 35 billion dollars in tourism, which is used in various ways to fund the city and the country.

Paris’s success staying at the top of WTTC may have been the catalyst for the announcement that Paris will be hosting the Summer Olympics in 2024. It’s safe to assume Paris’ reign won’t be letting up anytime soon in the travel and tourism sector.

The United States Has Three Cities On The List

Photo by Pixaby/Pexels

It’s not just a foreign thing; three domestic US cities made WTTC’s top ten list.

Coming in at number three is Orlando. Notoriously known for being the city that makes children’s dreams come true, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World have kids of all ages flocking to the city to experience the magic. Orlando has solidified itself as a tourist destination for families who want to make happy memories, resulting in the city raking in 31 billion dollars in 2022 and garnering interest generation after generation.

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While the kids play in Orlando, the adults go to Las Vegas to have fun. With its robust gambling and nightlife scene, Las Vegas is number five on the WTTC list.

With over fifty chapels and the opening of new licensing bureaus to support shotgun weddings and elopements, the city’s tourism also surges thanks to the bridal industry. It still holds the title of the wedding capital of the world.

proposal destinations

We would be remiss not to mention the Big Apple that comes at number six on the list. What doesn’t New York have to offer? It’s the big city of all big cities, and last year alone, that city hosted 56.4 million global visitors who were left in awe of the city that never sleeps. New York boasts more diverse food, culture, music, and entertainment than any other city on earth.

Honorable Mentions

Tokyo flight deal
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Of course, on that top ten list were also Tokyo, Mexico City and London.

Tokyo has always been considered Asia’s answer to New York City. Full of lights and culture, Tokyo offers an experience way beyond sushi and anime. There are beaches, tons of food and entertainment for all ages. Although the city has taken a hit in its tourism numbers since COVID-19, Tokyo has implemented new policies to attract tourists to Japan once again.

Mexico City, Mexico | Sergio Mendoza Hochmann | Getty Images

Over 20 million tourists visited Mexico City last year. They also had an increase in ex-pats due to the rise of digital nomads moving there for a more affordable lifestyle. As the capital of Mexico, you should expect to see plenty of arts and culture, rich history and delicious Mexican food.

Photo Credit: Dominika Gregusova

There’s no surprise that London was also in the top 10. Over 11 million tourists visited London last year.

Home to Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, the city allows you to visit either of these landmarks and enjoy some bangers and mash along the way. The British Museum and the National Gallery also attract visitors from all over.

Lastly, there’s always been much curiosity surrounding the Royal Family and their British soldiers. The history of London is unique and will continue to reign among the world’s top cities for a long time.

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