Summer may be over, but we can always count on airline complications no matter the season. Recently, an Iberia Express flight arrived in Spain without luggage.

According to Manchester Evening News, “a flight to Spain recently took off without any luggage on board because there was a shortage of baggage handlers at the airport.”

The plane departed from Manchester, a city in northern England.

Apparently, passengers didn’t know that their luggage wasn’t boarded onto the plane. Only when they were waiting for an hour at the baggage carousel did they realize something was wrong.

Three days later, passengers still didn’t have their bags, and confusion turned to anger. It didn’t help that Iberia Express’ customer service didn’t provide any information.

“Every time we call they say they have no information,” one passenger named Ellen told Manchester Evening News. “They have not given us any information and just keep saying they are looking for it. They just say it has not been scanned into the system. It has not been touched by a baggage handler.”

Iberia Express gave a different explanation: “we informed passengers about the mishap when they landed in Madrid and that they could get reimbursed for essential expenses.”

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