Northern Escape Heli-Skiing—or NEH, for short—is one of the most exquisite private heli-ski resorts in the world. To up the ante on what a luxury heli-ski experience can be, NEH has crafted their new ‘Best of the Best’ excursion, complete with a massage therapist, hot tub and exclusive Koala helicopter.

But first, what exactly is Heli-Ski?

Image Courtesy of NEH

Heli-skiing—short for “helicopter skiing”—is a form of backcountry skiing via helicopter. Heli-skiers can access remote areas and untouched terrain, gliding down slopes covered in snow and only accessible by a helicopter.

Heli-skiing is a popular activity because it offers incomparable freedom and convenience when accessing untouched powder runs in remote areas. With heli-skiing, you can move swiftly between summits while enjoying a multitude of pristine slopes for an experience like no other.

Inside the Heli-Ski Experience in British Columbia, Canada

Northern Escape Heli Skiing in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada. Photo By: Greg Eymundson /

Located on an exquisite private estate is Skeena River Ranch, a 6,500 sq. ft. space of pure luxury offering exclusive, deep powder terrain near the Alaskan Panhandle. There, you can get whisked away in the lightning-fast Agusta Koala, also known as the “flying Ferrari.”

Along with world-class skiing by experienced ACMG guides, the heli-ski resort also provides everything else necessary for ultimate relaxation, from food prepared by a Red Seal Chef to massage therapy. They even have a private bar.

Stay in an Exclusive, Private Lodge as You Heli-Ski

Made from old-growth fir, Skeena River Ranch is a choice addition to the Private Heli-Ski Package. This 6,500 sq. ft. ranch provides an exclusive heli-ski lodge experience that is a short distance from Terrace Airport. You also can get quick and easy access to their expansive heli-ski tenure — the perfect setting for your next outdoor adventure.

This secluded 305-acre estate and artisanal farm make for a fabulous vacation experience. The company hires professional chefs to craft culinary works of art using locally sourced ingredients for healthier eating. They also can create custom menus upon request. The expert service from friendly staff guarantees a visit beyond what you imagined possible.

Northern Escape Heli Skiing in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada. Photo By: Greg Eymundson /

Ride a Helicopter

Calling all adrenaline junkies! If you want to take your next skiing adventure to newer heights, Northern Escape Heli-Skiing has you covered. Featuring a private state-of-the-art Koala helicopter, this experience comes with all the bells and whistles, including concierge service, unlimited vertical heli-skiing and boarding, two private ACMG ski guides, single room occupancy, a private use of the Skeena River Ranch, gourmet meals and non-alcoholic beverages, use of avalanche transceivers, use of snowpulse airbag backpacks, powder skis, poles and powder snowboards and heli-transfers from Terrace Airport.

If you are new to skiing, then that is no problem.

Image Courtesy of NEH

Professional ACMG heli-skiing guides accompany skiers and provide instruction to ensure they have a safe, enjoyable experience. Whether you are an experienced skier looking for a thrilling adventure or a novice eager to try something new, Northern Escape Heli-Skiing is the perfect way to explore the backcountry and experience fresh powder in some of the most beautiful areas on the planet.

Enjoy Various Amenities

A stay at Skeena River Ranch is sure to be a stay to remember. To start, a Northern Escape Heli-Skiing representative greets guests at the Terrace Regional Airport to prepare them for their upcoming helicopter ride to the lodge. At the lodge, NEH guests also enjoy beautiful views and modern amenities from high speed internet access for all your business needs to a dedicated massage therapist to help you unwind.

You can sip on a specialty cocktail at the bar or sample local dishes curated by a private culinary team of Red Seal Chefs. There’s also a wood fire at the patio, if, perhaps, you prefer to roast marshmallows.

Northern Escape Heli Skiing in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada. Photo By: Greg Eymundson /

The best part is that you can customize your experience according to your unique travel needs. What more can you ask for?

Cat-Skiing Backup Program

For your protection, NEH launched the Cat Skiing Backup program. The program ensures that you make the most of your ski trip if a day is too snowy for helicopters to safely reach heli-skiing terrain. Instead of it putting a damper on your plans, you can still shred some snow with one of their snowcats. A private heli-skiing package comes with a seat in a private snowcat, so you never have to worry about FOMO.

The expansive cat-skiing area boasts more than 7,000 acres of tree-skiing and descends an impressive 600 vertical meters. Additionally, when the weather allows for it, you can transition back to heli-skiing, so that you can make the most out of your day with virtually no pause between runs.